Sunday, February 20, 2011

Perfume Choices of the Famous: Liv Tyler

According to reportage, the stunning actress - for some years now an ambassadress for Givenchy and the face of the new fragrance Very Irresistible L'Intense - says "she doesn't like to change her fragrance as she wants people to recognise her smell but hates it when the scent is too much".

She's quoted as saying: "I like having one perfume that I wear all the time, so it becomes part of you. When someone remembers your scent, it's incredible. I don't like it when you first spray on a fragrance. It's nice when you've put it on in the morning, then in the evening, you can subtly smell it." [source]
Of course she's quick to point out that the newest Givenchy is her favourite. As if she wouldn't. Doesn't really matter: Liv is lovely whatever she wears.


  1. I have no idea about L'Intense, I have visited the perfume shop that is marked as "depositaire agree" and they never received it neither on valentine's. i give up.

  2. VL,

    really?? Hmm, odd. I think it should have hit the counters for some time now. Maybe contact the company, they might send you a sample in the mail? (especially since you're in Europe)

  3. Hello Dear, this is a good option, I will try to do this. Thank you. I also asked the perfume shop about the new fragrance by Versace, "Vanitas", and no, they don't have it either. Probably the recession is making them not to add novelties? Not even for Valentine's? I don't know.

    Big fragrant hugs

  4. Do that, I think they will oblige. Many launches launch stateside first (even by European brands) because the US market is getting slowly out of the recession and Americans spend more (even by statistically being so many more). That might be another reason for some delay in getting things.

    I'd write to companies directly if I were you.
    On the other hand, I will keep an eye to see if there are any samples laid out for taking of those two scents and if I grab any I will email you to send them by mail to you. ;-)


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