Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Guerlain Myrrh & Delires: new fragrance

Guerlain is issuing an exclusive boutique-circuit fragrance in 2012!

According to Fragrantica, Myrrh & Delires is "a soft oriental composition based on mysterious myrrh with additional floral notes (rose, jasmine), precious woods (with the leading role of patchouli), vanilla and musk". Myrrh & Delires will join the L'Art et la Matière line in the characteristic oblong bottles.

In the history of fragrances, myrrh is one the first sacred essences offered to gods with frankincense and gold. Symbolic and mysterious, tears of the myrrh tree are amber-like, coming for Somalia or Arabia. Solar, aromatic, mossy, myrrh is multifaceted but quite radical to work in a fragrance. In fragrances, myrrh was quite never used. Fortunately, its oriental texture and smell suits perfectly in this ninth creation that Thierry Wasser softly composed by few floral notes with fruity, spicy nuances.

You can find reviews of the previous Guerlain L'Art et la Matiere scents in our archives linked.

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  1. Frank Astete15:30

    How come nobody till this date ever mentions "JEWEL" by Frank Astete, a perfect 72 facet diamond shape made by Swarovski in 1992 for Designer Parfum Ltd, the item can was numbered and sold as a collectors item,it contained 1/8 oz perfume that was supplied by Florasynth.
    The company attempted to sue Lancaster for using their design but since it was not copyrighted in Europe they did not launch it in the US

  2. Anonymous15:58

    The new Guerlain sounds a lot like Lolita Lempicka Eau de Minuit, minus the licorice of course.


  3. Frank,

    we have a saying here: "Rhodes is here, jump here!" (it refernced an athlete who was boasting on jumping a high vault on Rhodes island) a propos saying things and then not coming through with them.
    So, here's your chance: elaborate! :-)

  4. Nikki,

    good observation, thanks!

    That one must have flown over my radar. I guess there was a good idea developed someplace and it was nice/pliable enough that the originators maybe tried to polish again into something new. I'm going on a limb here... :-D

  5. I wonder how can I've never seen this perfume before! Thanks for the info! :)

  6. It's totally new, about to be launched soon. That's why ;-)

  7. I just noticed that there were some comments about my statement.
    This is not a new fragrance,it was a bottle design and name patented and trademarked in the US back in 1992,due to financial reasons only the collectible bottle made by Swarovski for me(Designer Parfum Ltd,no longera functioning company,but the design is still owned by me)they manufactured 5000 pcs of which about 2500 pcs were sold and the rest were put away for the future.
    Unbeknown to me the Lancaster Group(i don't know how)got a hold of my design and decided to produce "WISH"by Chopard and wanted to launch it in the US,so I enter into a possible legal agreement between them and I for a certain amount of money so they could launch it in the US.
    They found out that I did not trademark it in Europe and cancel the agreement with me and launch it in Europe.
    My bottle was displayed in the front page of a cosmetic magazine(will give exact details later)and it was mistakenly adjudicated as being a Swarovski creation not mine)I must say here that Swarovski never did make a claim of being theirs.
    There were i believe 5 bottles produced by Swarovski for the perfume industry,2 bottles for TRESOR by Lancome,one bottle for PARIS by YSL,one bottle for Laura BIagiotti.
    Any more questions please email me at or post it here and I will check later


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