Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guerlain Shalimar Fourreau du Soir & Habit Rouge Habit de Cuir: new fragrance editions

In a move that recalls Serge Lutens (and his own Fourreau Noir), Guerlain is issuing another "version" of the mythical Shalimar creation from 1925, right after they issued an introductory flanker with their Shalimar Parfum Initial; it's now time for  Shalimar Fourreau du Soir. (pronounced Foo-roh dee swahr, "evening seath/ evening dress") According to Guerlain: "This stunning one time edition makes wearing Shalimar even more irresisitable. The lace print and the leather butterfly are both features from the roaring twenties, the era of Shalimar".The inspiration comes from a true story: Madame Guerlain wearing an evening dress in lace abord the liner Normandie and an unforgettable perfume that stirred the senses and made everyone hanker after the new scent: Shalimar.
The new perfume edition is targeting the Christmas gifts market and will launch October 2011.

Men will not remain uncatered for, in the realm of Guerlain limited editions for Christmas gift giving. The classic Habit Rouge (in many ways the men's Shalimar) will be encased in a robe of leather (habit de cuir), as depicted.
Habit Rouge Habit de Cuir is also launching in October 2011.

Nota bene: Both fragrances inside remain the same as currently circulating (in the case of Shalimar that means the recently reformulated juice).


  1. Shit (pardon my Klatchian). I thought there'll be an animalistic Shalimar. Now I rest calm, the bottle is pretty but I can live without.

  2. The bottle looks nice but I am not so much of a bottle fan as I used to be.

  3. Anonymous07:02

    I think it is a little schizoid for Guerlain to resort to issuing "limited release bottles". I have Habit Rouge edp and the bottle is not much different from the one presented here. And what about Homme in the red Pininfarina bottle? I really wonder what is their corporate identity brief.

  4. Anonymous08:03

    So... it is not actually a new juice for the Shalimar? this darn flanker/limited edition business is just too confusing. And i HATE parfum initial, so there... (BTW: i always knew there were Pratchett fans out there like me! hi Liisa!) cheers Wendy

  5. Zazie08:58

    When I saw the words Shalimar and Fourreau associated in the title my heart lept: would this flanker restore the leather into my favorite perfume, now sadly de-leatherized?

    Alas, it seems just a packaging thing. Too bad - like Wendy, I utterly disliked SPI.

  6. Uh . . Excuse me, but if there is no new fragrance, why does the title of this blog article read, "New Fragrance Editions"? Further, why does the opening sentence of this article claim that Guerlain is issuing another version of Shalimar? Clearly, Guerlain is merely issuing another version of the Shalimar bottle. So the reader is excited by the bait, only to be disappointed by the fine print switch. Wow.

  7. L,

    yeah, it'd be grand if they issued an animalistic one. But they're busy designing pretty things instead I guess.

  8. E,

    I know what you mean!

  9. C,

    I honestly think they're issuing things to get the market going; neweness "feeds" sales and all that.
    Judging by the continuing (rather healthy) sales at Guerlain, most of these things sell adequately, so they know things we don't most probably (It's usually their more esoteric LE frags that remain on stock for longer than they anticipated *evil chuckle*).

    I am not familiar with the EDP in Habit Rouge, I rely on vintage EDT (and covet getting that parfum which cost an arm and a leg!) But yes, too many editions to please fuzze collectors (bottle collectors for the most part) and what's the point, really?

    If you ask me (and I know you didn't but I can't hold myself), Guerlain should do a streamlining of their Gargantuan line (keep a good 10 exclusives in rotation, 10 mainstreams that are absolutely great in the circu), slow considerably down on the new lanches and just do 1 collector's bottle each year. And nothing else!!

  10. Wendy,

    glad to see there are kindred sprits amongst the readers. Liisa is a very special one :-)

    Yes, it's a limited edition bottle. I can tell you, it's even harder to keep track when writing about these things. Sooooo many new things out!

  11. Z,

    it's an exciting name, but I wonder whether just the new bottle is considered enough for real Shalimar fans. Perhaps they're counting on the gift season; it's a fetching look all right.

  12. Kuromi,

    thanks for commenting.
    The title talks about "editions". They're indeed new fragrance products (they're not cosmetics or health products or something, so useful when someone is Googling), if only in the outer packaging. Hence "editions" and not "new fragrances" (which is the usual type of title I put when announcing new fragrances).

    There's no intent ~nor need~ on misleading or baiting, but having heard a similar thing on a popular board about another respected blogger the other day, I kinda think this is the accusation du jour.

    Anyway, you're welcome to put in your 0.2 cents anytime.


  13. I have to say, as a vintage wearin Guerlain gal, Shalimar most definitely included, it surprised me that I liked Shalimar Parfum Initial, but I bought it, like it, see it for what it is and is not and love the bottle. That said, it's not Shalimar as I know her. Now, what is going on? Another go at it? Geez. I don't know. And as for the bottle, I really don't care for it.

  14. Stelma,

    I liked the Initial as well for what it is (operative words being "what it is"). This is not a new formula, but it is a new bottle edition.

    They do "milk" the Shalimar brand for all it's worth; can't blame them, it's such a legend.

  15. Er, the name is Shalimar Fourreau du Soir, not Fourreau de Soir (which doesn't mean anything), and is obviously not pronounced the way it is transcribed in the post - actually it is impossible to transcribe without the help of phonetic symbols. It is because most English speakers (and, apparently, others too) cannot hear the distinction between 'de' and 'du' that so many French names, etc. are misspelt.

    I will record and post it on Frag Name of the Day.

  16. Whoops! I neglected to read the part at the bottom of the post that mentioned that. Anyway, I don't care for the current formulation either!

  17. Bela,

    that's what I thought as well (the "regles" necessitating it to be a sort of "complement" as in "robe du soir" etc), but the info I gathered specifically mentioned "de" and not "du"! I'm waiting a bit on the official press release, just in case they have lost their minds.

    Phonetical transliteration is quite hard to do in another foreign language! If you could hear me though, you'd know I do differentiate between "du" and "de" in pronunciation; putting them into a phonetical system is probably out for the layman reader (how many can read phonetics adequatelly?)

    On another note, may I add that I wish you'd chime in more frequently with personal opinions/anecdotes/questions, instead of just popping in rarely only to correct something. You have so much more to give! :-)

  18. S,

    yeah, I'm with you on the re-orchestrated juice. Bring back the old version if you dare!

  19. Got a (semi-official) reply: it's "du", as should be.
    The previous info was apparently from Dutch lips, which might explain the confusion.

  20. Anonymous13:56

    This Shalimar Fourreau du Soir is NOT the same as the original. I have both and this is missing quite a few notes such as some fruit, cedar, leather and especially civet; VERY noticeable difference! My husband prefers this one to the original. I like wearing this one during the day for less formal occasions.

  21. Anon,

    this is most interesting info. Thanks!

    I wonder however whether the original Shalimar you're referring to is a vintage (at least 80s or early 90s bottle) or the latest reformulation -which was brought back to the older formula, i.e. leathery and civet-heavy. Supposedly this Foureau version is the same as the "reformulated" mid-00s juice, so the difference might be accountable to that.
    If you can clarify that would be most appreciated.


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