Monday, September 5, 2011

Tresor Midnight Rose: Lancome Underuses Emma Watson

The new Trésor Midnight Rose commercial film by Lancôme with Emma Watson, shot by Mario Testino (here is the long version lasting 1mn45)has arrived to promote the new feminine fragrance by the Parisian brand. Here it is for you, below.
I find it cute (a dash of Notting Hill due to the bookstore, a cute guy and a nicely enough turned out Emma Watson) but in the end rather meh (the cliché of the Seine bridge lovers' meet up and of the trilby hat as a prop). What about you?

And here is the Making Of, with Emma Watson talking about the part.

And the fragrance is apparently "sweet, warm and playful". It would be, wouldn't it? I'm praying for a "cold, bitchy, earnest" fragrance ad copy one of these days....


  1. and use of magic stick! :)

  2. annemariec23:13

    I quite like it, but in saying that I guess I am tired of the overt sexual references so prominent in perfume advertising these days. This one for Midnight Rose is a bit of a cliche too, but hey! It's a love story. They get told over and over again. Always, have, always will. I wonder if the perfume is any good? Sigh. I suppose not.

  3. Asali23:19

    LOL at "cold, bitchy, earnest" fragrance release. I'd buy it, although I'm afraid no matter what the ad copy would say, it would still smell of fruity floral;-)

  4. Anonymous13:46

    Dear E,

    Yes, please bring on the "cold, bitchy, earnest" perfume, complete with commercial. I'm bored.


  5. Bella,

    they couldn't let that slip, could they?

  6. Annemariec,

    I do appreciate it's not something vulgar and with tits displayed all over the place. The again I suppose that's why they hired Emma, she's known for a certain level-headed approach, a modest, appealing style.

    Oh well, maybe I tend to nostalgise those terrific Helleu-conceived ads from the late80s, early 90s...Those were the days.

  7. Asali,

    exactly! It doesn't matter what the ad copy says, the juice is always what appeals to the focus groups. And focus groups go for the familiar.
    The new Tresor Midnight Rose is indeed a fruity floral, rich in berries with a rosy heart and only minimally that "clean" patchouli-woody vibe that's so modern. I give up.

  8. Natalia,

    I am terribly bored as well, because nothing wants to be jarring these days. I just posted a commentary on how drab the new J'Adore film is: who would have expected that from Annaud?

  9. Sofi16:09

    I would like to see more passion in this advertisment since the concept is quite usual. I was a little bored too.....

  10. Cold, bitchy and earnest, what a concept! I'm just jotting down ideas and when I have a bit of time, which will allow me to clean the stuff from my table, I'll try to compose something. I detest the everpresent innuendos and the idea that perfume = teh secks! lots of it!!11! (with more exclamation marks, obviously, but it looks too hysterical when written. Oh, stop, it's all too hysterical anyway...). I love melancholic fragrances with quite some preference for weird stuff such as toe-curling Cuir anything. Sexy fruity floral? Not again, please.


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