Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stella McCartney The Print Collection: Gorgeous Bottles

The popular Stella fragrance by British designer Stella McCartney is given a twist, inspired by the Irene Gardening flower motif featured also on her lingerie line for Autumn-Winter 2011.
Aren't these limited edition Stella bottles with print flowers on them absolutely gorgeous?


  1. Really lovely, I wonder what they smell like. Will you be writing a review soon?

  2. I understand this is the exact same Stella fragrance we know (and some of us love). It's the bottles that are limited edition AFAIK.

  3. Oh my, they ARE adorable.

  4. Argh I LOVE these bottles/prints, but I definitely do not need to own the scent. I owned it right when I was starting to delve more into perfume and then found it to not really be for me so sold it on Ebay.


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