Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shalimar: "As Close to Forever as a Perfume Can Go"

My reader Norma re-found for me this retro 1982 commercial for the classic Shalimar by Guerlain. The perfume needs no introduction, but the advertising is giving all the latest upstarts a run for their money: it ignites the imagination by giving hints, but it eschews cliches (how about that splash in the pool?); by conjuring glamour, yes, but not going into ridiculous lengths; by evoking romance, but saying that "forever" is perhaps wishful thinking. A masterful perfume commercial!

Click the link to view it on RetroJunk
(If anyone knows who directed it, please let me know)
The music to which the Shalimar commercial is set to is Frederic Chopin's gorgeous Ballade No. 4 in F minor, Opus 52.


  1. Conquers all, huh?
    It certainly does if you let it into your life. :)

    This was a great trip into the past.

  2. Once again, a little serendipity. On sunday at an antique store here, I bought a bottle of Shalimar edc (in the big round bottle with the pyramidal stopper). I assume it must be from the late 70s-80s. And the day after you post the ad!

    Not that Shalimar is my favorite Guerlain, but I saw it, and so I risked. (I also risked on a surprisingly cheap full bottle of Arpege extrait and a quarter full Sortilege extrait).


  3. Ines,

    thought you'd like it.
    I do believe what you say :-)

  4. Cacio,

    that is so cool!!! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your purchases, they sound excellent (wow, envious!)

  5. To the ad spammer: maybe contact us for a clear advertisement. Spamming comments won't get you anywhere.


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