Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Royal Celebrity Scent: When the Perfume Business Becomes The Crown

It's not enough that royals are represented by their fragrance choices to the greater perfume appreciating audience, like Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge (and formely known as Kate Middleton) did recently,  skyrocketing sales by a niche perfumery. Now Henrik, prince consort of Denmark, spouse of Margerita of Denmark, 76 and an accomplished sculptor, writer and poet, is going to launch his very own perfume, sold under the -very Spartan- name "H".

According to the palace press release by Lene Belleby: "The prince has choisen the ingredients of his perfume hiself and the fragrance will be exclusively sold at the château de Caïx". Château de Caïx (also, de Cayx), for those who didn't know this information (I was among them, I must admit) is the French soil residence of the royal Danish couple, located at the south-western regions of the country where the prince is also producing fine wine from the local Cahors vineyeards for decades.
The fragrance has been developed by the Danish cosmetics line GOSH (who also produce a lovely, simple musk) and features notes of grapefruit and cedar. H, the royal fragrance of prince Henrik of Denmark, will be sold at the boutique of the château alongside his wine bottles production. A nice memento for those visiting, I should gather!


  1. Have you thought (or perhaps you have) of reviewing the scent that the country of Lithuania has marketed? Apparently a scent reflective of the woods and countryside. Imagine if all countries made a signature scent--IMAGINE the possibilities..;~)

  2. TFC,

    I would love to, but don't have access to it. Is there any source that can provide it? :/
    Indeed, if all the countries provided their own, the possibilities (and the results I'd hazzard) would be magnificent!

  3. I definitely wouldn't mind visiting! Looks wonderful! :)
    And you can buy wine and perfume at the same time - a great concept (I think this should become a regular practice).

  4. Ines,

    from your mouth to vinoculturists' ear! Wine and perfume are so pleasurable there should be some connection manufactured, surely.
    Trailblaizing through the French chateaux is great fun anyway.

  5. I recently (I have to see if I saved it) found where one can get the airfreshener--apparently it seems very close to the fragrance. I'll pass the link if I find it in my trillions of bookmarks ;~)

  6. Okay I found a link for "Smelling Lithuania"


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