Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Megan Fox has a sexy secret Code in the works

It was just the other day that the thought of Megan Fox and perfume ads seemed too hot to handle (Actually it was a suggestion of my reader Barbara commenting on the latest Bvlgari ad with Kristen Dunst posted here). And now we find out that the foxy ms.Fox is starring at the latest Armani perfume commercial for Armani Code. Well, naturally! She was the body (and gorgeous face) of the Italian designer's underwear campaign. It was inevitable that such a contract couldn't be limited to that. Perfume advertising offers such tantalising opportunities for such hot & hip celebrities.

The fashion house describes the Armani Code scent as a "sexy, femme fatale kind of perfume—a woman's mysterious code of seduction revealed." And the ad campaign took the form of a story in which "a man and a woman are looking for something they cannot identify. Still, despite fighting attraction, they finally surrender to the power of seduction. The mystery deepens even more as the story stops somewhere since the two seem to vanish when their eyes meet.
However, a new chapter of the Code Saga will open and the intrigue will continue in the Armani Code Sport ads. This tells the story of the power of a man's body, magnetic as it moves under the surface of the luminous swimming pool at night, a woman waiting for a man. The two cannot escape as seduction is a danger that is worth it. " [source] May I say, yawn...haven't we seen this scenario a trillion times already?

Now that I see some of the first shots of said advertisements, I can't say I can muster much enthusiasm either. There's a hard & plastic quality in the fake fringed bob, a sort of aimless passivity on the part of the naked male, an atmosphere of risque sexual thriller of the early 1990s (I am waiting for either Sharon Stone or Melanie Griffith creeping out from the urban landscape behind the LA rooftop) and a general feeling of an opportunity missed...
What do you think?

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  1. Megan Fox is nigh unbelievably gorgeous, but in print ads she often seems to fall short for me. Here, too, I fear.

  2. Megan Fox looks like she's saying "mehh, put your pants on".

  3. Susan,

    I agree. She's so beautiful but there is no tension, no mystique here (of course we haven't see the actual video yet). And she didn't need to expose skin; the advertising team should have ommitted that.

  4. TFC,

    thanks for visiting and for commenting! Hope you find it nice to hang out around here.

    So, to revert to Megan: Yeah, or perhaps she's disappointed due to a case of erectile disfunction in this particular scenario (Gosh, don't let the people at Armani catch me saying that!)

  5. Sorry to fight a cliche with another cliche, but: less is more.

    Less Megan Fox is ALWAYS more!


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