Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Natalie Portman in Miss Dior Cherie 2011 Commercial

The sighs of Jane Birkin under Serge Gainsbourg's classic (and racy) "Je t'Aime...moi non plus" song are accompanying a new sexy siren of the 2000s: Natalie Portman, the newest face for Miss Dior Chérie, again directed by Sofia Coppola (as reported previously)and a viable Oscar contestant for her performance in Black Swan. It's funny to contemplate that the previous music choice for Sofia's commercial a few years ago was a tune by Brigitte Bardot, the very person who first sang the controversial orgasmic song by Gainsbourg; that version was revoked by her husband Gunter Sachs nevertheless. Serge then turned to Jane Birkin to record it to the outcry of the Vatican and the song became immortal in that version.
Nowadays it doesn't sound half as controversial as it did, but is the new commercial for Dior really reflecting the free sprit of the 60s and early 70s in an age that is so conservative despite the bom-bom swaying in hip hop videos and the public display of intimate personal details? "I am the wave, you the naked island"? "I go and I come in between your loins"? I think not...
Apart from a little suggestive play with a tie (posing as both a blindfold and a sort of leash) you'll have to squint your mental muscles into perceiving any more sexual innuendo in the Natalie Portman commercia!. The video is more romantic cliche than racy, although it's certainly more man-to-woman interactive than the previous "I fell fine trailblazing across Paris by myself" commercial by Coppola.
Talk about Natalie Portman stripping for the spot only resulted in her vaguely beginning to remove a few clothes with no more titillation, unless a bath tub scene where she's immersed up to her neck wearing sunglasses is considered risque. It looks like a shot from "Garden State"really, maybe a tip of the hat from the director. Sofia Coppola however really knows how to direct the whole into making us want to douse ourselves in overpriced Eau. Taking in mind I have an aversion to the overly sweet character of the original Miss Dior Chérie (but I do like L'Eau version), I find this is quite a feat! What do you think?

NB. The commercials are set to accompany the latest reformulation of the Eau de Parfum by head Dior perfumer F.Demachy.


  1. FS,

    Apparently the ratio.
    But if you want to advertise, why not do it on the open and pay a link on the home page? It's what we do here. Otherwise it looks spammy. Not nice...

  2. The comment by FS (who linked their commercial site) was :

    "Natalie Portman is wonderful, but an other reformulation???
    What is changed in new eau de parfum?"

  3. Giovanni-Fragrancescout14:29

    I'm very sorry for the misundestanding,I don't have a commercial site but only a little personal blog.
    I didn't want to spam but only to comment.
    I sent you a mail with my explanations.
    Excuse me if seems an other thing
    All my admiration for your blog.
    Giovanni Sammarco

  4. Oops, extremely sorry then!!! Honestly, I get so much spam from commercial sites, you wouldn't believe. Yours had a direct link which was loading very slowly and I surmised it was due to my pop-up ad blocker preventing it from showing up. A huge mistake on my part!!

    Please do make the link visible if you're having a blog, I bet people would like to see it:

    I recall it's www.fragrancescout.it, right?

  5. Giovanni-Fragrancescout15:56

    Yes the blog address is right.
    No problem for misunderstanding, I hope I can make my blog faster :D

  6. Anonymous23:25

    Hi!!! I got this perfume, the new Miss Dior Le Parfum as a gift from my mother.. But HELL!! it's totally different. I don't want to insult anybody but it smells "old", mature; like my grandma.
    It is very very mature. WHY they changed it so much. I was in love with Miss Dior Cherie :'(

    Love your Blog (and sorry for my english :B)


  7. Marietta,

    thanks for the kind words on the blog and your english is fine! :-)
    Thanks for stopping by and venting. It's indeed incomprehensible: those who loved the old, original Miss Dior are left with a travesty and those who loved Miss Dior Cherie are left with something declawed and totally tame instead. Shame...

    This post might put things in order next time you're shopping:

    Miss Dior and Miss Dior Cherie various editions and reformulations (with photos)


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