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Erik Kormann Eau de Froehliche: fragrance review

It was just the other day when we were discussing the merits of a vanilla laced with other ingredients to cut down on the sweetness, the stickiness and all around juvenile factor. Today I'm happy to review a scent that pairs incense with vanilla and balsams, materials which bring out a wonderful oriental "gourmand" character that is mouthwatering, yet not cloying at all: Eau de Fröhliche by Erik Kormann of 1000 & 1 Siefe.

If you haven't heard of the artisan behind it, we need to reproach you. We had covered his delightful citrusy August cologne some seasons back. His newest niche creation is an incense water inspired by the old German carol O Du Fröhliche, translating as "Oh how Joyfully"! You might be thinking by now how can an incense be joyful and not mysterious or moody (one look at the vial is enough to answer that) and how can an oriental featuring vanilla no less be fit for the transitioning of the seasons we're experiencing. And yet! Fear not: Like Erik's previous cologne, this Eau de Parfum is long lasting but behaves extremely well.

The fragrance takes on a very individual take on incense (forget the CDG Incense Series and other scents featured in our Incense Series here) , as it invests it with materials which are pliable, soft, enveloping, lending it their inherent joy and warmth like hot breath on a cool, misty window pane:
Tolu balsam, tonka beans full of coumarin and vanilla absolute create a creamy aspect, while the cocoa nuance of iris finds its perfect partner in crime in chocolate-faceted natural patchouli with its inviting, sweet and alluring smell. Other notes include rosewood and cardamom as accent pieces. The incense thus smiles like the brass of an orchestra playing classically-rounded tunes in a wood-panelled auditorium where nothing could ever go wrong.

If winter is still bothering you and you need a little comfort, clothed in a cuddly, embracing composition, Eau de Fröhliche can't but address that need. Available in Eau de Parfum from Erik's 1000&1 Seife or via mail.

For those reading German, take a look at Erik's blog post about his options.
You can contact Erik for availability/details at his E-Mail:

In the interests of disclosure I was sent a sample by the perfumer himself. Pics of vial and sketch via and


  1. The packaging is adorable! I'd be tempted to try it for that reason alone.

  2. Yeah, isn't it? Refreshing change from the faux luxe crowding the market!!

  3. Oh Helg, I am not ususally Not a "bottle girl' but ..... I just hate it!

    sorry to anyone who loves the look but its not "me".

  4. Ha ! thank you for this review i need this kind of funny twist.
    I was wearing from a sample, CDG Ouarzazate & it did not totally won me over. I am very curious of this Eau de Happy :) !

  5. ...& I must say, to go read the blog incites me to work german language in a very joyful way ^_^

  6. You know the phrase "arms akimbo," right? Because my arms are akimbo, and I am doing my best to give you a stern look. Because I feel you understood my feelings at the moment, the ones I am fighting, the ones stirring up a little woe at winter starting to feel long. As it always does this time of year, no fault of Mother Nature, but I am feeling a bit pouty nonetheless.

    And then you wave this under my nose.

    Tsk, tsk.


  7. BTW, I don't speak German (other than being able to cry "der zirkus ist hier!"), but I'm pretty sure I navigated the website correctly, and Eau de Froehliche does not appear to be there. "Yet," perhaps?

    (Does the fact I can report this to you further indicate why my arms just might have been akimbo before???)

    A Lemming

  8. I am a new visitor to this lovely blog, but I wonder, have you ever posted anything about the de Gallimard Perfumerie in Grasse?

    I am a novelist and one of the books I just finished was a historical loosely based on the Antoine de Gallimard.

    Thanks for a good read.

  9. Hi Elena, thanks for the kind words. The picture I have changed again. But happily, it looks like anyway.

    "iris (extended with carrot seeds, I believe)" :-) NEVER!

    Carrot Seeds is a good idea. But I've really only used Iris.

    Olibanum, Tolu, Vanillia, Tonka, Rose wood, Coriander, Iris, Patchouli, Musk, Hedion ...

    Many greetings from Berlin, Erik

  10. Susan,

    it's a humoristic touch that is very refreshing! Yeah!

  11. Oops, I replied twice. Sorry...

  12. M,

    I would see how it's not "you", LOL! But it's meant to be playful, provoke a little juggle. I consider these scents outside the perimeter of "faux luxe" and therefore I enjoy their humorous take. Of course if one loves the juice they could decant into a seperate crystal bottle, like those used in old films (*foxy whistle*)

  13. V,

    Ouarzazate is probably the least loved in the CDG series. Could it be that the rest have more associations for people? (Who knows, your theory is as good as mine)

    It's a funny twist all right; but the scent is very nice. :-)

  14. As to language, wish I could derive as much pleasure and laughs from the German language; every attempt to learn it has stalled someplace when those extra-long words that take half a paragraph have started to appear... (and I do come from a loooooong word culture myself)

  15. S,

    where would I be if not waving tempting things under your nose? [BTW, I haven't forgotten about the non delivered, smashed or confiscated decant (?)in the mail I owe you ~just didn't go to the post office at all these days! Will do!]

    As to the site, I'm sure Erik will add it. It's on his blog at any rate or you can contact him for samples.

  16. LMB,

    thank you for visiting and for reading and hope you like it around here. We go to where our fancy takes us and like to galivant.

    The Galimard perfumerie is featured (to the best of my recollection, you can check the "Labels/Tags" at the bottom of the Home page to see if there's more just to be sure) on my Grasse trip memoir.
    The article is here: Grasse perfume highlights

    The atmosphere of the French countryside is incomparable and they do take adventage of it.

    Hope to see you again on these pages!

  17. Erik,

    oooops, I should have asked right away! My mistake, will edit it out in case anyone is misguided.

    Thanks for the correction and do make a mental note to include a link to the shopping page on your blog.


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