Thursday, March 12, 2009

From March....."August"~ an explosion of mouthwatering vitamins!

In Robert Graves's historical novel "I, Claudius", the ill and eldely emperor Caesar Augustus ~commonly referred to as Octavian~, suspicious of his conniving and megalomaniac wife Livia finally trying to make away with him for the benefit of her son's from another marriage succession to the throne (the emperor to follow, Tiberius), adjusts his diet into relying on the sole consumption of fruits cut straight from the tree. Those cannot be tampered with, he falsely reckons!

My thoughts revert to the Roman emperor as I contemplate a Greek proverb denoting the quick passage of time, one which involves the month to which he gave his name: "From August winter and from March summer". Although the former I can assure you is not climatically sound for this part of the world (winter doesn't really hint at its arrival till the middle of November!), the latter part is certainly true. As sping-like and summery thoughts have been crossing my mind these sunny days when the temperatures are often reaching 18-20 Celsius and bergamot and citrus fruits have occupied these pages, I remember a scent named August which I ironically discovered in the heart of winter.

August by Erik Kormann is a very refreshing, simple and uncomplicated summery splash to enjoy while staying in the sun under an umbrella, or when donning a big staw Panama on your head, traipsing along bazaars, in the search for the ultimate teakwood jewel-case with the just right marqueterie. It's so refeshing that it's like a drink that is succulent and full of vitamins! It's very fitting to call it August, but since the main notes are fruits that I usually consume throughout autumn, I think it's not bad for the colder season as well, to which it brought many moments of pleasure. I seem to get a HUGE note of mandarin/tangerine out of it initially, an orange rind that wraps everything in its bright halo. A slightly bitter note of petitgrain (the steam-distilled essence from the leaves and twigs of bitter orange tree, ie. citrus aurantium) provides a counterpoint of balance into the succession of greener floral notes (hedione) foiled in warm sandalwood and an abstract veil that radiates from the inside. I admit I don't get base notes per se: the oils last well, which means they're anchored with something which is not surfacing through by itself, nevetheless. The basic ingredients to do that are a light "clean" musk (Galaxolide) and a woody synthetic aromachemical (the ever popular Iso-E Super). And the lasting power is exceptional!

If my own bottle is any indication, you can see I have almost exhausted it... August is so deliriously happy and optimistic it would be excellent with matching body products to complete the vitamin-infused experience. I think Erik should definitely think about introducing them!

August is available in Eau de Parfum in transparent bottles with a Chinese ideogram on the front and the digit 8 (symbolising the 8th month in the year, which is indeed August).
Available at:
1001 Seife, Xenia Trost & Erik Kormann, Rosenthaler Straße 36 - In den Rosenhöfen, 10178 Berlin
Telefon: 0049. (0)30. 28095354
Fax: 0049. (0)30. 28095355

KOPFARBEIT, Haltenhoffstr. 28, 30167 Hannover, Germany. Telephone: 0049. 511. 18838

Bad und Balsam, Jägerstrasse 11, 14467 Potsdam , Germany. Telephone: 0049. 331. 2701064
More info in German here

One sample will be offered to a lucky winner!

Painting Mandarins with Waterfall by Natalie George. Pic of August bottle copyight ©Helg/Perfumeshrine.


  1. Chilly and rainy today here in Texas, but summer is liable to strike at any time without warning. We've already hit--quick calculation--32 celsius this year! So yes, please enter me in the draw, one can never have too many refreshing scents in this climate.

    Wish someone would make an edt that smells like fresh watermelon--not artificial watermelon nastiness--I'm sure the technology exists. If done with a light touch, that would be perfect for an August day.

  2. stella p13:41

    I can't resist citrus fruits of any kind, so please enter me in the draw! They are also nice on cold & crisp, but sunny mornings! (both on table and on skin)

  3. this sounds very good indeed, thank you for bringing it to our attention- I didn't know of it.

    I don't know why but this just made me smile about how much I like niche perfumery! There is always something new to discover and it feels like finding treasure!

    Please can I be in the drawer?

  4. Ooooh, add me to the draw! Sounds wonderfully citrusy, guess what I am wearing to day Helg? Lieu de Reves.

  5. August sounds fantastic for summer. I would like to try this, if for no other reason than August is my birth month. Please enter me in the draw. Thanks!

  6. A,

    so nice to see you here! :-))

    Is Texas so hot? It's hotter than us, then. This one is very fresh, very lasting and with a nicely woody indefinite backdrop which I think you'll enjoy!

    Watermelon....ah, nothing so far replicates the real thing! With feta cheese on the beach after a swim in the blue waters...*sigh*

  7. S,

    of course I am including you. They're inherently optimistic and their scent? It does brighten a winter's day.

  8. K,

    I like to find small, small brands and give them attention. They deserve to be heard as much as the big (mainstream or niche) guys. :-)

    You're in!

  9. J,

    mission accomplished!
    Well, isn't LdR great? :-))

  10. J,

    great, a pefume for your own birth month: Sounds good to me!! :-)
    Good luck!

  11. malina17:23

    I don't have much experience with perfumes except mainstream ones, but I haven't yet found a citrus fragrance that I like really a lot, so please enter me in the draw.

    Nothing to do with this fragrance review, but what can you tell us about Apothia perfumes?

  12. Anonymous18:28

    I'm so ready for summer...and August sounds like summer. Please enter me in the draw!

  13. No need to add me to the draw, clean musk and me are not a good combo, LOL.

    I just wanted to comment on that lovely bottle and the beautiful still life you chose. Nice!


    PS: Apres L'Ondee still has me under its spell. Even had to write about it!!

  14. I'm not sure whether I'm into citruses but I love the little brands, too so add me to the draw. And I promise, I'll go to the SS. Annunziata pharmacy to ask whether they have samples - they have their own perfume line that looks rather yummy through the windows.

  15. Anonymous14:20

    Probably not my style, but you make it sound good, you always do, and I have to watch my cc balance, lol, so do enter me in the draw and see what i'll do later on if I fall for it.

  16. Maline, Molly, Trish, Liisa and Aline:
    You have all been entered, thank you very much for your participation!
    Results will be announced tomorrow.

    PS.I have only tried "If" by Apothia and thought it was pleasant if a little reminiscent of Do Son. HTH


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