Sunday, January 16, 2011

Susannah York: 1939-2011

Susannah York embodied the sizzling sensuality and sharp wit of the 1960s respendid with uninhibited talent in a pleiad of intelligent films ranging from Tom Jones to A Man for All Seasons all the way up to... A Dark Blue Perfume in the Ruth Rendell Mysteries series and of course The Maids, Christopher Miles's infamous play adaptation of Jean Genet's Les Bonnes. (Interesting perfume scene and bonus points if you identify any of the bottles on the vanity in the clip below)
May she rest in peace, we will always remember her fondly!


  1. Great blog.. I loved Susannah York.. very talented actress!

  2. Anonymous07:21

    hi Elena! Took the challenge but i recognise just the one bottle (i think...).. at 5.54 you get a good shot of the perfumes on the table, and i am pretty sure i see a bottle of Gin Fizz... it's the one furthest to the left.. i only recognise it because it is my mom's favourite (got her the modernised version; she claims it is exactly as it was). as for the other bottles: no can do... Cheers, Wendy

  3. I spy the shape of a Lubin, but I have no idea what I'm seeing! :) I love that smelling the perfume indicates one of the breaks in the game.

  4. I learned about her passing away on a vintage photo group. May she rest in peace.

  5. Wendy,

    fascinating! I wasn't 100% sure as they're shown in all their glory only for a split second. Freezing doesn't really help me either (I must not have as steady a grip as I think, LOL). They're a mixed lot and difficult to discern, I think some are not "ready to sell" bottles but crystal ones to be filled with perfume, like in days of yore.

  6. S,

    I find that the perfume scene in The Maids is a breathtaking coup of genius on the props department because it stands as exactly what Madame stands for in the play by Genet: the bourgeois who "wastes" money on luxury while her husband is ushered to jail, ie. not necessary things (and perfume is a luxury, certainly because it's not a need). Plus the spitting in the bottle has a very passive-agressive quality about it, which is so very in tandem with the themes of the play, don't you find?

    Good to know the Lubin is a Lubin indeed!

  7. VL,

    she will be missed... She was both pretty to look at (in a completely non plastic way) and extremely talented.


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