Monday, January 24, 2011

Doutzen Kroes Loves Perfume but doesn't Pick it Herself

Doutzen Kroes obviously wants to smell sweet for her man. In a short article in The Belfast Telegraph, the Dutch model and Victoria’s Secret Angel who wed DJ Sunnery James in November last year, reveals that she often asks his opinion when it comes to choosing her clothes, hair style and make-up looks (Somehow I find this a bit hard to believe for a model, at least regarding hair cut and colour). Sunnery is particularly good at picking up scents, she reveals, so Doutzen is glad to oblige. “I asked my husband to choose a fragrance that he loves on me, as I obviously want to smell good for him,” she laughed.

Doutzen also adds she rarely leaves home without a bottle of fragrance in her bag, as she likes to spritz herself with it throughout the day (Perfume Police are you listening?), while her other perennials are her favourite mascara (L'Oréal Telescopic we're told) and lipstick, as well as her iPod.

What about you? Do you indulge a beloved one or are you 100% firm in your stance to pick only what you like yourself?

photo of Doutzen Kroes by Mario Testino via christinaiak blog


  1. I think it's important to choose the perfume you're going to wear because ultimately you're the one that smells it most. That being said, if a perfume repulses your partner or reminds him of an ex, or his mother, perhaps you might not want to wear that particular scent around him. That's just common sense.

  2. Wordbird21:22

    This is a point that's very much of the moment, as I've met a new man and have been pondering this. I've come to the conclusion that I'll let him sniff all the bottles I already own (there are dozens and dozens) and choose which one he likes best. Then I'll wear it for him when I want to. ;)

    But I'll carry on wearing whatever else I what or like, unless, as Jacqui points out, it's one he loathes for whatever reason.

  3. Lorelie22:45

    I sometimes lean close and ask what do you think? No matter the answer what I'm wearing stays put.

  4. Goodness, I'm much too picky to let anyone man or woman tell me what to wear but like a previous comment, if a scent I wore really bothered my husband I would refrain. So far he could care less, haha! He knows I'm insane for perfumes anyway. I have him smell all new acquisitions and he always seems to like my choices so I guess I am happy!

  5. Anonymous00:50

    if i had a man who could pick great scents for me, i'd totally love it. but he'd have to prove himself adept at it, because i really don't need the help. in the meantime, i pick for myself. if someone else enjoys the way i smell, so much the better. if someone picked something for me that i didn't think worked, i wouldn't wear it... and would probably use the experience to teach/show what does work. but to find a man with an already sophisticated nose would be cool!more fun with two playing.


  6. Knowing what pleases other people is one of the things that brings me pleasure.

    Being able to exercise that knowledge at my discretion brings me pleasure.


    In sum...I do both. Selecting a scent to indulge someone else, or to indulge myself. And both offer rewards.

  7. I pick the scents myself since I tend to get headaches from quite a few perfumes...
    If my bf doesn´t like the perfume I am sampling I probably won´t buy it but I don´t always ask his opinion. ;)

  8. There's only one fragrance (so far) that I won't wear around my husband - CBIHP Russian Caravan Tea - it's because it smells so realistically like tea that it makes my husband feel ill (he can't stand tea, it makes him vomit (literally!) if he has only a little sip, and smelling it makes him feel sick).

    I wear plenty of scents that he feels lukewarm about, because most of the time, my perfume is just for me. However, I also pay attention to what he genuinely likes, and I have a mental list of his favorites (ones that I love as well). I enjoy wearing these when we're planning on spending a lot of time together, especially if it's a romantic occasion (not just birthday or anniversary, but if we're going out, or if we've planned to have the evening together etc.)
    I'm not doing it to please him as much as I'm doing it because his enjoyment of my perfume is enjoyable for me too! It's always nice to get compliments and to know that you smell nice, or cozy or sexy to your lover.

    Oh! Also, when he's going to wear fragrance (basically if we're going out, or special occasions) I try to pick something that won't clash with his scent ... he wears it so comparatively infrequently, and I enjoy smelling it on him, and I've got so many options to choose from, I'd rather not clash with him.

  9. Anonymous15:34

    I wouldn't deliberately wear something that caused distress to the people around me: I have a ton of things to choose from, and they all make me happy.

    I had one friend who tried on a sprtiz of AG tubereuse, and she hated it! She was so vocal about her dislike, rolling around on the couch, asking how I couls stand it. But she kept smelling her wrist. Finally, hours into the evening, she reversed her opinion completely, and soon after bought her own bottle. She thought it smelled womanly and delightful :)


  10. J,

    common sense just makes sense, I guess :-)

  11. Wordbird,

    sounds a great exercise actually. I would be VERY interested in having you follow up and let me know how it went!

    Wearing something special for someone special when the mood strikes seems like a nice move to me...or one could also use this more manipulatively and actually use the perfume to provoke a certain response, of course this would happen through repetition.

  12. Lorelie,

    I do that as well, myself to the point I'm becoming annoying sometimes, I'm afraid.

    But what happens if he says he absolutely hates it? Or that it reminds him of his mother/draconian teacher/other figure of impreachable status?

  13. Stelma,

    either that or you have found a very good soul as your mate! (someone who wants to please you above all else)

    It's important to have a steady opinion on something we love and defend it, absolute disgust from another of course not getting into the equation. But those so-so views? Chuck them out, I say.

  14. C,

    it's great to have a man who is as adept as we ourselves are helping us out during shopping, isn't it? But often they are just not up to the task unless they're deeply involved themselves.
    Luckily for me, I have found someone with a genuine interest and a very good nose (to the point that I get inspiration from him) who is a joy to go through scents with. The only thing is he doesn't want to talk about it all the time, like we women do....LOL

    How would you use an ill-chosen gift as a lesson into what doesn't work? Practically speaking. Without hurting anyone's feelings? (I have trouble with that)

  15. S,

    love your answer!
    It's best if sensory stimuli are used to provide pleasure all around. How much better the world would be if we acted like that all of the time...

  16. Eva,

    headaches are certainly a pain...I sympathize. What scents usually work?

    As to not asking always, hehe, wise girl!

  17. P,

    ah, we stumble upon the very intense associations! Tea-sick eh?
    These associations are very hard to break, I find, and it's probably best if one doesn't even try. The agony of having something unpleasant coming up in 3D upon you through the nose isn't very good. Do coax him into wearing scents more often though!

    How kind and resourceful of you to have a quick list on hand of what he enjoys so as to save for your "together time" and to co-ordinate! I wouldn't know if I could do it or wait for you to fix yourself up when going out, LOL ("Honey,did you just put on Kouros? Drat, now I have to change my whole outfit and take a bath to scrub all the Light Blue off me!")
    But there IS enjoyment derived from knowing one's perfume is enjoyable to one's lover and the sweet buzz compliment-getting generates confirms it.
    I wonder why that is. Is it because it reflects on an acceptance of taste and personality? Is it more intimate than that, going back to our primeval ancestors who used smell more? Is it perhaps an unsaid thought that the perfume compliments one's personal scent therefore enhancing it?

  18. Carole,

    seems like a sane policy to me. Why knowingly cause displeasure?

    What an interesting experiment with the Annick Goutal Tubereuse! Who would have thought! I know AG uses a lot of natural tuberose essence in it and the rubbery facets that come to the fore might alienate someone in the early stages. It's not how the general public views perfume usually. But when it's left to perform its magic...Do try her with the SL Tubereuse Criminelle next ;-)

  19. I am quite happy to allow people to pick my fragrances. This isn't to say I don't have my favourites as well, but its a great way to discover new colognes I may not otherwise have tried.

  20. True.
    BTW, we do prefer advertising to be completely in the open, you know. If you're interested, just contact me.


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