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Guerlain Muguet 2011: News on a Seasonal Release

Guerlain lately re-issues a special edition of their delicate and spring-like Muguet each year as a limited edition on the 1st of May (Traditionally the day when muguet ~lily of the valley in French~ is offered as a porte-bonheur, a good luck charm in France).
For 2011, Guerlain's Muguet will be embottled in the apothecary style flacons of re-issued Vega and Sous le Vent, but there will be handpainting on the glass as well!

ETA: You can see the new Muguet 2011 below (pic kindly provided by my reader Rappleya)
ETA2: Upon further research, Guerlain has confirmed that they have updated the design of Muguet 2011 with the one depicted second from top, favouring a sewn label versus handpainting. I admit I'm not particularly enthusiastic on it after seeing the previous design....

3/26/11 update: My faithful and wonderfully generous reader Judy informs us of the latest after seeing the Muguet 2011 with her very own eyes and I quote:
"The new release of Muguet is around 5 ounces, twice the size of the past releases [ed.note: this was amended by other witnesses, bringing the volume down]. Also it is in apothecary-style container, first shown on your site as the new-release bottle , but w/minor changes. The bottle still has the pretty muguet design on the outside. Also, the price is scary, sky-high, around $500, although Bergdorfs is having a "Beauty Week" beginning April 6th, and at that price, if the customer does a pre-sale, the sales person will hold the Muguet til May 1st for the $100 discount."

The design that was meant to be
the udated design for Muguet 2011...

Previously Muguet circulated in the standard quadrilobe with (2009) or without the superimposed atomiser "pouf" (2007) and the flacon fleuri design brough back from 1900 for the Eau de Toilette version for 1999, while the accompanying Eau de Toilette tester of the same year was embottled in the classsic Habit de Fete gold-cutouts style flacon with Millesime 1999 embossed on it. You can find pictures of those attached below.

The concentration for 2011's Muguet is Eau de Parfum and the volume is 125ml for 400 euros.

Previous incarnations of Guerlain Muguet include the following:

Guerlain Muguet flacon (Verrerie Royale de Romesnil) with atomiser for 2009

Guerlain Muguet quadrilobe flacon (Verrerie Royale de Romesnil) for 2007

Guerlain Muguet in flacon fleuri (originally 1900 design) for Eau de Toilette in 1999

"Habit de Fete" design for Guerlain Muguet, 50ml Eau de Toilette tester bottle, 1999

thanks to Wim Janssens and Mr.Guerlain (Ulrik) and especially my readers Rappleya and Judy who helped disentangle this mess!


  1. the top one is so beautiful! that is the new one?

  2. No, that's the 2009 one. I will update when I get an official pic of the new one. As stated in the article, the bottle is the same as Sous le Vent and Vega (apothecary style, round shape, heavy polygonal lid). See here:
    Pic of sous le vent bottle

  3. Fiordiligi17:12

    I have the flacon fleuri version from 1999 but I don't think it is extrait. I must check....

  4. D,

    do check please! I have it in good authority, but don't have the actual bottle to compare. They did issue an EDT in the bottom bottle in the same year, so it looks like it would be extrait indeed. (the newer ones are EDP though, all of them)

  5. Fiordiligi17:42

    OK I checked! Mine is 1999 eau de toilette (75 ml) and is in that bottle, but the ribbon around the neck is narrow.

    I will see if I have a photo I can send to you!

  6. The plot thickens! I will be glad to change it when you send over pic.

  7. I just love that tradition - and these bottles are so lovely. Will they be offered in the US?


  8. M,

    I should think they would (BG's has the exclusives). The US market has shown to be a BIG consideration for the Guerlain people, so I trust it should.

  9. I'm going to taste it as soon as possible. Thanks!!! it seems delicious!!! :)

  10. I have the 1900's bottle, second from the bottom, and I'm almost sure that the sticker on the bottom says Millenium edition or something like that, which strongly implies 2000 to me. I'll have a look, take a pic or something.

  11. Oh I see- well it was very lovely

  12. Now I need the new one. Damn.

  13. Ilia,

    I;m looking forward to your impressions!

  14. L,

    it's been cleared now. It should read Millesime. Lucky you!

  15. K,

    yeah....I have now posted the new pic on the post! (it's even lovelier)

  16. L,

    yup, they do go out of their way to tempt us, them scoundrels!!

    Hope you're very well, oh wise one :-)

  17. I saw Guerlain Le Muguet 2011 yesterday at Saks. The LOTV design of the bottle is made of paper and looks cheap. Le Muguet feels like wearing two LOTV scents at once, the first one reminiscent of vintage Caron Le Muguet du Bonheur, Muguet des Bois and Diorissimo with a somewhat indolic creamy base but not as rich and complex, the other half smells like the fresh, clean and (too) pretty Muguet Blanc, but not as dewy. Of course I used as much as I could from the tester bottle, the longevity is very good but I felt it turned a little sour on me. Considering the hefty price of $580 for 100ml edt, I'd rather look for vintage Muguet du Bonheur or Diorissimo.

  18. So, whatever the bottle looks like, it should be on its way to me.
    Food is optional, after all.


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