Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Win an A.Tauer Bottle of Your Choice! (and reviews on Une Rose Vermeille & Eau d'Epices)

Andy Tauer has been at the Pitti Fragranze exhibition in Florence, but his generosity to the perfume community is well documented and knows no territorial bounds. Therefore, he offered a contest for Perfume Shrine readers with a brand new bottle of perfume as prize and the winner gets to choose between his two upcoming launches: ROSE VERMEILLE or EAU D’ÉPICES.
So what should you do to enter the contest? Simple: State which is your favourite Andy Tauer scent & why in the comments; or if you haven't tried any, why you would want to sample an A. Tauer fragrance and maybe which catches your fance.
I will pick the best entry (to my discretion) and forward the winner's data to Tauer, so he can send them the fragrance. Contest is open till the end of the week, Sunday midnight, so you have plenty of time to participate.

In the above context and to help you a bit, I have sampled both fragrances and they're predictably very good. Of course all spicy fragrances by Tauer are awesome and the characteristic "Tauerade" (the house's beloved mix of labdanum, Tonka and the ambergis note) in the base is echoing through both. The spicy bouquet on top of L’eau d’épices is comforting and cozy. I don't know if it's the approaching cool of autumn and the longing for evenings spent by the fire, wrapped with a fluffy blanket and holding a mug of muled wine, but there's something immediately appealing about this scent which I am sure will find many fans. The cardamom is especially nice and coupled with the labdanum at the base created a sweet, resinous feeling. Tauer likens it to a walk through a pineta and I wouldn't disagree. The other spices are more of a familiar clove-y mix which recalls pomanders, the juicy citrus peel festooning the spicy prongs.
Une Rose Vermeille is a fruity rose, but fruity in the way that natural rose essence has a tangy, sometimes honeyed-hesperidic quality: the rose pairs with the mandarin and the framboise very well. After all, Tauer does love his roses and treats them like princesses. Andy here used Bulgarian rose absolute, which is very costly, and bypassed the powdery aspects into highlighting the liqueur-like tones so it reads "modern" and almost edible, like the rose jams we used to make around here, rather than "retro". Succulent!
Both fragrances project clean somehow, they feel "fresh" and bright and could be worn by either sex, but they're a far cry from the laundered & bleached "clean" fragrances that flood the market and recall functional products rather than fine fragrance. This is ascertaindly fine fragrance and is proud of it!

By the way, Andy intimated that he's introducing a smaller 30ml flacon for two of the Homage scents, Une Rose Chyprée (you can read a review here) and Une Rose Vermeille. Good news for those with tighter budgets!

Notes on the two new scents from Tauer Perfumes:
Scent N0. 12-EAU D’ÉPICES (eau de parfum, in the classic blue Tauer 50 ml flacon).
HEAD NOTES An Indian basket of spices with cinnamon, cardamom, clove and coriander with red mandarines.
HEART NOTES An opulent heart of orange blossom, jasmine, orris root and incense.
BODY NOTES A woody cistus ladaniferus resin, softened with ambergris, Tonka beans and vetiver.
Available worldwide end of September, about 120 $US

Scent No. 10-UNE ROSE VERMEILLE (eau de parfum, in a new 30 ml flacon, presented for the first time in Florence, September 10).
HEAD NOTES A citrus chord with lemon and bergamot with a whisper of lavender.
HEART NOTES Sumptuous bouquets of roses and violets, kissed by luscious raspberries.
BODY NOTES The richness of vanilla, sandalwood and Tonka beans, touched by the elegance of ambergris.
Available worldwide end of September, about 130 $US

Disclosure: samples vials of the scents were sent me by the perfumer


  1. alexp15:50

    After your yesterday post I entered for at list 10 times until I saw "Win an A.Tauer bottle of your choice"...
    Andy Tauer is totally missing from my fragrance world and,after reading a lot of reviews of his fragrances ,is one of my must have. My nose is not familiar at all with his creations , actually ,I smelled only L'air du des.... on one of my friends during the hot days of last August. Extremly interesting and different.
    So, pleeease enter me into the contest!!!

  2. cheiroso16:09

    I have never had the luxury of smelling one of Andy's fragrances, but this is not the first contest I've entered to win one. I don't live close to any decent perfume shops, so I have to rely on the internet for recommendations, and Tauer perfumes are always so highly regarded.

    Please put me in the drawing for EAU D’ÉPICES.

  3. Excuse me, please as I wipe my nose off my laptop. You had me at the 'Andy' part. Then, as I read on to the description of Eau d'Epices, that's when I nosedived on my spacebar. I sense something that just might have my name on it!

    I have not had the opportunity to try more than one Andy Tauer, and that one was 'Incense Extreme', when my sister traded a sample and that was tossed in. We both loved it so much we had to roll a dice to decide who got the sample, and alas, I lost.

    If I were to try any other - of course, it goes without saying I'd like to try them all, and yesterday if possible - it would be 'Orange Star', because it features all of my favorite notes in one bottle, because I worship and adore orange fragrances and orange/mandarin in particular, and because I have great faith in a perfumer who has such a passion for his work.

    So please enter me for the draw. If only to keep me from drooling on my spacebar again...;-)

  4. Tante Kat16:40

    I love how tuned in to the fragrance community Andy Tauer is, he seems like a very kind guy and I think his personality is reflected in his fragrances. I just wish I could find one that works with my chemistry. I've tried Incense Rose and
    L'Air du Desert Marocain and while I can tell the artistry in his compositions, they just haven't seemed to be very special after applied to my skin.

    But, I've found that it is not a good idea to give up on a fragrance house if some of their scents don't work for you, there may still be that one out there you haven't tried yet that will make your all star team!

    With that stellar list of notes, I'd love to try his new EAU D’ÉPICES to see if it might just be THE Tauer that will find its place in my line up.

  5. I have only smelled some of the Tauers, but they were all great. Impossible to choose just one favorite, though vetiver dance is in the top 5.Please enter me in the draw, every time I read
    the scent descriptions I start drooling.

  6. My favorite among Andy´s fragrances are L'Air du Desert Marocain, and that is an over all favorite of mine among all different kind of scents. No 2 must be Lonestar Memories, but not on me, but is incredible interesting and a little sexy on my husband.

    I love to participate in the drawing and win abottle of Andy´s wonderful scents. Usually I prefer spicy scents, but I don´t have that many rose scents so I would prefer a bottle of Une Rose Vermeille if I win.

    Thank you so much for this generous opportunity. :)

  7. Olivia A16:53

    So far, of what I have tried by Andy, my favorite has to be Carillon pour une Ange. Why? (And here is where I begin to wax poetic! ;-) )

    I love Carillon because it is green and sweet, clear and velvety. The lush muguet completely fills my heart with bright light, with a tinge of bittersweet longing. I can only imagine that this feeling is akin to hearing the most beautiful song, clear and delicate, and knowing that yes, it is sung by an angel. Oh, lily of the valley, how much you've changed, and how much you're still the same, since I first experienced my mother's Diorissimo!

    And now? I would so appreciate the opportunity to try Une Rose Vermeille - it sounds delicious and bubbly, and not really traditional... The notes remind me of the middle and end of summer, and of Keats's "To Autumn," particularly the line, "Until they think warm days will never cease." The bright and juicy citrus and raspberries of summer must come to a close. The last roses bloom and give way to something deeper, woods and the vanilla of leaves turning red.... Please include me in the contest? I would *love* to have the opportunity to wear this fragrance! Thank you for hosting!!! :-D (And thanks for the opportunity to wax poetic about perfume!)

  8. Delfina16:53

    My favourite Tauer is L'air du désert marocain, because with the right weather it turns you into sand.

    Please count me in the contest for Une rose vermeille. Thanks!

  9. Mimi Gardenia16:55

    A lot of my heart belong to Andy Tauer and his gorgeous poetic Une Rose Chypree which I think is a briliant composition. When I wear it is speaks to me about days when perfume was really perfume. It's superbly done - reminds me of Mitsouko but with rose. The oakmoss ,that sublime Tauerade which I am addicted to, is inifintely sniffable.
    I even love the deep gold color of the juice.
    Andy Tauer has a fan in me ! :D
    Please enter me , Helg sweetie !

  10. Anonymous17:04

    Darn Darn. How did I not see this? Is it too late to squeak into this drawing? Really looking forward to Eau d'Epices!

  11. Anonymous18:10

    UNE ROSE VERMEILLE sounds delightful, and I've never had the opportunity to try any Andy Tauer scents.

    It isn't just the fact that it is rose, it is the hesperidic qualities you noted too.

    One of my favourite scents is "L'Eau Rose" by agnes b, which sparkles and fizzes, almost, like rose lemonade, and I love it, and I've only half a bottle left, and it was discontinued. That was a body tonic so an eau de parfum with added oomph in the rose department is almost too scrumptious for me to imagine.

    In short, please enter me in the draw for UNE ROSE VERMEILLE. Thank you.

    regards, Anna in Edinburgh

  12. Anonymous18:11

    I would be glad to be entered in the drawing. Thanks - Alica (

  13. I would love either of the fragrances being offered (I like both spicy and floral scents) because I've spent my olfactory life among the "ready to smell" lines, and I'm ready to move up to "haute perfumerie."

  14. My favourite is Incense Rose. I just love that incense. A close second would be Rose Chypree, I love the stages it goes through. Thanks for the draw!

  15. It's hard to choose a favorite Tauer perfume, but it's really nice to have such wonderful choices. If pressed, I would choose Incense Rose as my favorite. I love it just for itself, but also because its notes evoke so many other Tauer scents. It has, as one might expect from the name, an intoxicating incense wafting around an deep, dark rose. However, it also has notes of clementine, orris, other resins, cedar and patchouli, all floated aloft by ambergris. It's deeply satisfying to wear. I love smelling Incense Rose on men, too. It has the unusual property of being unisex without being neuter, the rare rose that smells as sensual on a man as on a woman.

    I am always eager to smell Andy Tauer's new fragrances. I would love to win a bottle.

  16. I love and own L'air du désert marocain, but it's better on my husband. Lonestar has been on my wish list for a long time- and it's better on my husband.I'm dying try Eau d'Epices, hoping that this one will be better on me.

  17. One of the things I love best about well-made scents is the way they either create an abstract work of art or call to mind a specific time and place. Of the Tauers I've tried, I love Lonestar Memories the best, because it so perfectly evokes the outdoors--a smoky campfire, well-worn leather, tree resin and scrubby plants. Strange and beautiful.

  18. My favourite Tauer perfume is probably Incense Extreme. It's a smoky incense, but in a clean, non-churchy fashion. It's paradoxically both bright/clean and yet strong and smoldering. I love it. A close second might just be Orange Star, which takes what can be a cliched note and turns it into a multi-faceted star player. I'd love to be entered into the draw. Thanks.

  19. What an exciting draw!

    My favourite Tauer is without any doubt Lonestar Memories, quite simply because it gets under my skin and sets my pulse racing with all the power and insistence that only nature can muster. It's an inferno, an earthquake and a tidal wave rolled into one. And it makes me feel alive!!!

  20. As a relatively new perfume fanatic, I have collected all kinds of vintage fragrances, sampled lots of new ones. I've had my flings with patchouli, sandalwood and lavender. Just when I began to feel somewhat jaded but not sated, I discovered the work of perfumers such as Andy Tauer and also Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. This is the direction in which I want to go!

    The only Tauer perfume I have tried is Le Maroc Pour Elle. I often find that I need to feel beautiful, and Le Maroc makes me feel beautiful. Seductive, a little exotic--I can wear it and not have the ridiculous feeling that I do not deserve it. What a revelation.

  21. I haven't tried all the Tauers yet, but all the ones I've tried have been really special. So far I think my favorite is Une Rose Chypree. I'd love to try the Rose Vermeille (I'm a sucker for a well-done fruity scent, especially fruity wood).

  22. Anonymous22:35

    I have samples of a number of Andy's fragrances, and haven't been able to pick a favorite. For each, there are days when it is the only fragrance I want. I find them all to be very evocotive of different feelings and responses. But since you ask-- Maroc pour Elle has been very effective for romance-- it is creamy, rich, sensual but refreshing at the same time. Is it orange blossom or jasmine or both? Love it. Lonestar is another favorite. Love the smoky, leathery aspect of it. I find it very calming to wear on hectic days. Love all the incenses. Wore Rose Chypre yesterday, and found myself wishing for a big old spritz, rather than a sample dab. It helped boost my confidence, which seems to be a chypre/mental relationship for me--chypre equates to confident, smooth feelings. Orange Star, I loved at first, but a friend said it reminded her of bathroom deodorizing products, so that sort of killed it for me. I still wear it, but layer it with something a little sweet to lift it out of hygiene territory--Thanks for the contest--mary in oakland

  23. Oh how exciting! I've tried many of 'Andy's fragrances and like so many before me, love l'Air du Desert. I would love to enter this draw for Rose's sounds like a totally different kind of Andy ;-)

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  24. So this is the surprise you were talking about! And what a surprise!

    I have never had the chance to try the Andy Tauer perfumes. Since I started to read about niche independent houses two years ago, I have wanted to smell Andy's creations, specially the famous Air du Desert Marocain and Incense Rose (so evocative!).
    Now all his fragrances are very familiar to me, even though I have never smelt them. And I'm knowing Andy himself thanks to his blog. He is such a pleasant and generous person for sharing his thoughts with us.

    Sincerely, I would love to try any of his fragrances, but I usually love spicy smells so I think that Eau d'Épices would be my choice.

    Please, enter me in the contest :)

    Thank you!

  25. At this point in time,
    I find myself captured
    By Incense Extrême,
    A deep and smoldering piece.

    But I have in mind
    To soon be enraptured
    By Monsieur Tauer’s gem,
    The newly created Eau d’Épices.

    Having sampled a few
    Of his fragrant creations,
    I’ve developed a preference
    For those labdaniferous, spiced, or arid.

    Desiring to try something new
    That will bring great elation,
    It is with hope and expectance
    That lyrically I submit my bid.

  26. Blame it on having a never-ending and constantly growing "things to try" list, but I've yet to experience any of the Tauer fragrances. It's something I really need to get around to doing sooner rather than later, because between the descriptions of some of the fragrances provided by Tauer, and the many reviews about them that I've read they really do sound like scents I could love. Fragrances like L'air du Desert Marocain, Lonstar Memories, both Incense Rose and Extreme, and now Eau d'Epices are the scents that speak to me, whether it's because of my growing love for incense, my taste for leather, or my need for spice. Just from your review alone I have a feeling I would absolutely love Eau d'Epices. I've always had a soft spot for fragrances that evoke autumn. Despite the days getting shorter and the temperatures getting lower wearing something warm, woody and spicy-sweet really does make me feel good.

    Whether I win or not I really think I have to make it my business to finally smell some of the Tauers. The more I read about them the more appealing they become.

  27. ElizabethN04:20

    My favorite today is Incense Rosé, because it is an incomparable rose-incense scent and it was my first niche love. ♥

  28. Wow did someone write a poem?
    My favorite is between Vetiver Dance and Incense Extrem.. although still gotta try Carillon pour une Ange so keeping my options for favorite Tauer open still =)

  29. My Favorite Andy scent is Reverie au Jardin. It was the first of his scent I sampled..I love how this scent changes over time - On my skin it is a 'sometimes green, sometimes blue' powdery veil, surprisingly warm and sweet for a lavender fragrance. Also love the high altitude french lavender in it. *stops gushing*

    Though, I do love L'Air du Morrocain on my mom's skin- her skin seems to bring out the warm spices beautifully.

    (Please enter me in the draw!)

  30. Oh, it's *SO* Lonestar Memories, specifically because of the way it opens as this confusing, smoky, creosote-dripping weirdness and then becomes the absolute sexiest of gourmands, all caramel and butter and vanilla. I love gourmand accords as a rule, but I don't always want to smell like a confection. Sometimes, I want to be a badass. Lonestar Memories does just that. A little dangerous, a little socially unacceptable.

    I love L'Air du Desert Morocain, but there's nothing out there, anywhere that smells like LM, and that's the best part! I hate wearing anything that is instantly legible to people who aren't fragrance geeks.

  31. I can never decide between L'Air du Desert Marocain and Le Maroc pour Elle, because they're both so lovely and totally different from anything else I've smelled. I can't wait to try the Une Rose Vermeille!

  32. Anonymous10:05

    He really is the most generous perfumer out there! Sadly, I entered every chritmas advent last year and never won anything, but plenty of people did!! I love that he is so open to sharing his creative process with us, it is truly fascinating to see how much goes into someones "art". And creating a fragance is truly an art, as we who visit this website daily know:-) I have never gotten to even try one of his fragrances, I will blame it on very limited funds... but when I read the description for the rose one my heart skipped a beat. It sounds like a perfect match for my soul, I had to jump over to Luckyscent and order a sample, I hev to smell this!! The description sound absolutely delectable! Although looking at that price tag, I may never own a bottle. Please enter me in the drawing, and please never stop writing about perfumes like these!!

  33. I don't feel inspired enough for my comment to gets chosen as the one to win the bottle, but if I can say one thing for myself, than it's that I'm an optimist. :)
    So, my favourite so far is still L'Air du DM but that's only because I haven't tried Orange Star which I think might de-throne L'Air. Or possibly L'eau d'Epices - I love spices of any kind in any possible way.

  34. I have just recently started sampling Andy's fragrances, but what impresses me most about them, other than the obvious high quality and artistry, is his ability to so clearly translate his ideas and visions into his creations. Many times I read the promotional blurbs from perfume companies describing their latest release, only to be confused and disappointed when I finally smell them. However, with Andy's perfumes, when I sniff them I think "Yes exactly...that's just what he meant when he wrote that!" It's an amazing experience, like a connection between the artist and the consumer.

    I have appreciated all the fragrances I have tried from Andy, but my favorite is Reverie au Jardin. Beautiful name, and the scent is so original and unexpected. When I think of lavender, I think of old-fashioned soaps and drawer sachets, but Andy has succeeded in bringing it into the arena of fine perfume. I find it fascinating to follow the progression of notes to experience all the facets of lavender. It's complex, and besides that it smells pretty. And it truly captures "a dream of green lands and twinkling stars. In love with lavender, in all its facets..."

  35. Question - are there beads of amber in the picture you posted of the ROSE VERMEILLE?

    My favorite Tauer (so far, because I've only sampled a few) was Incense Rose. This is one of those perfumes that on my skin goes through major metamorphsis from stage to stage. It starts off as a dark rose, then goes through an almost-challenging, slightly-skanky skanky phase (for some reason, I'm not sure what note causes this) and then changes again in the base to be thick and dark and comforting (the amber?). The best thing about perfumes that change like this is that they never become wallpaper scents-- I can't forget that I am wearing perfume throughout the day. It sort of grabs me and wakes me up from whatever I'm doing and reminds me that it's there. I tend to wear just a touch of perfume during the day so that I don't bother coworkers, and too many frags are really linear and just sort of disappear. Incense Rose actually re-appears because of the changes from stage to stage.

    I think I'd choose Rose Vermeille if I won. But maybe Eau D'Epices would be a better choice, because it sounds like a comfort frag (and I tend to wear those way more often than my florals). Hard choice!

  36. kathleen13:54

    Last year, someone gave me a decant of L'Air du Desert Marocain, just before Christmas. I thought it was very nice. Then my husband spritzed it, glorious on him. Now, whenever I smell this fragrance, I think of Christmas. I love it when a scent creates a memory, don't you.

  37. I would love to win a bottle of Eau D'Epices, for the main reason being that I'm a huge Tauer fan! My favourites from his line are L'Air Du Desert Morocain and Orange Star - two scents that are very much part of my fragrance rotation. And I'm going with the sympathy vote on this one - I've been entering drawings for years and have never won (which I'm sure most perfume draw entrants have experienced so...maybe the sympathy vote isn't such a great idea on my part, but anyways) So you should definitely pick me!
    If not, that's totally ok, I might just need a few more years of therapy to get over the pain of losing (See, there I go again with the sympathy thing!)
    Thanks for the opportunity of entering!

  38. Andy Tauer emphasizes quality of ingredients and a true passion for creating beautiful fragrance. I love each of his perfumes but Incense Rose is my favorite. It captures my heart and my imagination for a simple reason: it is gorgeous and it makes me happy.

    I would love to try his new rose creation and experience another imaginative and passionate scent from the beautiful garden of fragrances that this talented man has brought to us.

  39. Anonymous14:45

    I hadn't had yet the chance to try either Eau d'epices or Carillon pour un ange. Of all the others, I would choose Une Rose Chypree, followed closelly by Orange star, both so powerful and elegant
    I suspect I will love EdE
    I would like to enter the contest, please..

  40. Janet in CA16:00

    Incense Rose is my current favorite but the new Eau d'Epices sounds lovely!

  41. My favorite Tauer fragrance is L'Air du desert marocain. It's dry, earthen exotic sweetness reminds me of the great novel “The Sheltering Sky” by Paul Bowles.

    “She looked out at the wind-swept emptiness. The new moon had slipped behind the earth’s sharp edge.”

  42. I find the idea of Eau D’Épices very appealing, thanks - no doubt - to the arrival of autumn.

    The only other Tauer I've tried so far is Une Rose Chyprée which was nothing like I imagined but no less lovely for it. It like something from a different era without being remotely dated. I tried it in the middle of the summer and I should dig my sample and try it now that it's cooler. And also try to get hold of samples of other Tauer scents. I can see why Andy's fragrances have so many fans, you certainly don't encounter scents like that in department stores among the waves of new releases.

  43. Stephan18:13

    I love many of Andy's fragrances, but two of them really go under my skin. L'Air du Desert Marocain and Une Rose Chyprée are so sensuous and endearing, like living creatures, that you almost can feel the warmth of their breath. They are like siblings, L'Air the elder and la Rose Chyrée the younger. I'm wondering if Une Rose Vermeille will join the kinship of the two.

  44. Hard to choose my favorite between Une Rose Chypree and L'Air...!!!! I love the somewhat boozy/jammy/vanillic quality of the rose in Une Rose Chypree probably ultimately more. But I AM interested in trying l'eau d'epices, as it perhaps sounds like the more unisex/masculine of the two? I'd love to be entered into the drawing!

  45. Though I love many Tauers, my favorite is still L'Air du Desert Marocain. It's just perfectly done. LOVE the new bottle for Une Rose Vermeille! Please enter me in the drawing. :)

  46. While I've not had the pleasure to sample an Tauer scents, 'Incense Extreme' sounds like it would be just my thing. I LOVE incense scents and this one sounds like the mother lode! Please enter me in the drawing.

  47. It's hard to decide which one is my favourite. Really. Because it varies.
    Last summer it was Rêverie au jardin. Then I smelled Incense Rosé and it was love at first sniff. My sample vanished so quickly I miss it now. At the same time on the hottest days of summer, you know when the asphalt starts melting and you can hardly breath, I was wraping myself in a cloud of Lonestar Memories and It was like turning hell to heaven.
    But then, I know, that in a few months, L'Air du désert Marocain will save me and make winter bearable.
    So let's say that if I really had to pick just one It would be L'air, just because to me it's meditation in a bottle. Not just a perfume.

  48. Helle20:02

    I would love to be in the draw. My favourite Tauer is incense rosé but I have a feeling Eau d'epices might come a close second.

  49. chris g20:05

    I'm speaking for two here (NO I'm not pregnant!!) My husband is a big fan of Vetiver Dance and wears it to work regularly. He has a collection of vetiver fragrances, but he seems to wear Mr. Tauer's creation more often than any of the others. He's not an afficionado, but "he know what he likes."
    I, on the other hand, Love, Love, Love Une Rose Chypree and I just can't seem to get enough of it! I'm not a rose lover per se, but Andy works magic and I'm just a's that for trying to explain my perfume obsession ?!?

  50. Oh, please, please, please let me be the one to win a bottle of Eau d'Epices. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you!

  51. Oh, please, please, please let me be the one to win a bottle of Eau d'Epices. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you!

  52. I'm already drooling over Eau d'Espices! Please include me the drawing!

    L'Air du Desert Marocain rocked my new little perfumista world a year and half ago and it still makes me swoon! It's in my top 5 favorites list!

  53. Maria B.01:53

    Having to choose my favorite Andy Tauer fragrance is like having to choose among my friends: which is the closest? Incense Rosé and Une Rose Chyprée are stunning. I recently introduced a friend to L'Air Du Desert Marocain and it wafted during a walk we took at Point Lobos, California, a suitably beautiful place. But the one that touches my heart most deeply is the gorgeous limited edition Orris. Whenever I put it on, I realize I am surrounded by moving molecules of air.

    Both of Andy's new fragrances sound wonderful, but I'll throw my hat in the ring for Une Rose Vermeille because I love what he does with roses.

  54. Andy Tauer is a genius. I ordered a sample of L'air du desert morocain once. For the next few days I felt like I had reached the equivalent of perfume nirvana. I have never been any desert but I think it took me one step closer. Please consider this a bid for Eau d'Epices.

  55. I tried two Tauer samples, and they were both extraordinary - he landscapes worlds with his scents, and allows us to wander in them. I would love to try Eau d'Epices - it's autumn. Time for spice. Please enter me - I want to wander in this world.

  56. I want to enter, if still allowed. It's hard to find any kind of niche scents here in the U.S. without having to pay an arm and a leg with shipping.

  57. Oh, please enter me, I adore Andy's work - not to mention Andy himself! :-)

    My favorite Tauer so far is the masterful L'Air du Desert Marocain. I have not yet tried his last few releases since Une Rose Chypree, which is utterly fabulous. so I would choose Une Rose Vermeille if I won - but both the new ones sound great!.

  58. A Rose is a Rose,
    as who ought to nose
    as well as our dear Andy Tauer!
    Upon Incense as well
    the man's been known to dwell.
    (All extraits, you know: mucho power!)

    Gothic, yet modern;
    Eastern, yet western
    Sacred, and yet profane!
    Incense Rose seems to me
    the one true Potpourri -
    And essential to all scentimental!

    This enchanting new duo
    Our nostrils will woo. Oh,
    How difficult it is to choose!
    But being a Boything
    What's working his Toything,
    I feel the Spice nicely will do!

  59. Tauer Perfumes Vetiver Dance is my favorite vetiver fragrance I have ever tried it is earthy and dynamic. Its scent dances on my skin and makes me feel like a woman and not just a girl. Please enter me in the drawing I would love to sample either of Andy's newest creations.

  60. Peggy09:02

    I have never smelled any of Andy tower scents.
    I am wondering what is the characteristic that makes these fragances so unique.
    The incredible geometric blue bottle makes me to want to try.
    This shape reminds me a honeycomb thats hides inside the elixir of life. From the notes I see that the new blue bottle that I am interested in, is really powerfull.
    If I win I hope I 'll get a sensual gun in a bottle.

  61. Peggy09:02

    I have never smelled any of Andy tower scents.
    I am wondering what is the characteristic that makes these fragances so unique.
    The incredible geometric blue bottle makes me to want to try.
    This shape reminds me a honeycomb thats hides inside the elixir of life. From the notes I see that the new blue bottle that I am interested in, is really powerfull.
    If I win I hope I 'll get a sensual gun in a bottle.

  62. Cynthia L10:16

    L'Air du Desert Marocain is my favorite, in part because it was this perfume, several years ago, that sent me tumbling into the world of perfumes, perfume blogs, and way too many bottles. I couldn't believe that by inhaling it's scent, I was transported to another place.
    I chose this perfume to wear on a trip to Egypt because I thought it might be evocative of the place and I wanted an olafactory memory imprinted. It turned out Egypt doesn't really smell that way, but no matter, because I wore it throughout the trip, now when I put it on I'm back on the dahabiya floating down the Nile; I'm in the decrepite yet fascinating Egyptian museum in Cairo; I'm touring the tombs in Luxor. The scent is better than a photo album because it somehow is tied into all my memories of the place.

    I would love to try either of Andy's newest creations, but the rose speaks louder to me, I think.

  63. joanne delaney12:21

    My favourite is l'air du desert marocain because it too reminds me of Egypt. I had the best holiday of my life in that country - I was so relaxed that, for the first time in my life, I felt completely at peace with myself and the world - what Freud called the 'sensation of eternity'. The perfume reminds me of those warm nights scented with spices from the traders' stalls and the mysteriousness of the Nile. Coming from the UK, I just don't get to experience warm nights very often and it was the perfume of the night which struck me the deepest. I tried to recapture the experience with Hermes jardin du Nil and DSH Arome d'Egypt but they were nowhere close.
    I would love to try Eau d'Epices.

  64. Anonymous12:50

    I've never tried any of the A. Tauer fragrances but would like to because his creations sound so interesting. In particular his L'air du desert moroccain is frequently mentioned amoung perfumistas as well as the tauerade. Out of the 2 in the draw, I am most interested in the Une Rose Vermille because it doesn't sound like a typical rose fragrance. Plus that bottle is so intriguing. Thank you for the opportunity.


  65. Zazie15:20

    Three years ago, I was undergoing major life changes: changing job, changing city, changing country.
    During these changes, I stumbled for the first time into the world of niche scents – I should say the worldS of niche scents: the real one, where you sniff and play, and the virtual one, where you read and learn, dream and lust.

    One of the first perfumers I read about that caught my attention was Andy Tauer. Everyone seemed to be raving about a perfume with an evocative name: l’Air du desert marocain.

    On Andy Tauer’s website, I recall reading about the inspiration behind the fragrance: a summer evening in the desert… Since jasmine was mentioned in the notes, I pictured the smell of a warm evening in southern Italy, jasmine covered walls projecting an intoxicating and sensual scent into a starry nigh… The image I conjured myself was so real and wonderful that I decided to track down the fragrance… a task in which I was to become a real expert!

    So there I am, entering in my first niche shop, in Milan, on a glorious autumn day – those days when the air is chilly but the light is liquid gold. The only shop selling AT at the time was (and still is) a pretty unfriendly place, so I left my boyfriend out and bravely asked for a sample. It clearly was the wrong question to ask: I was given a mouillette, labeled by hand, wrapped in a piece of plastic, and I had some fragrance sprayed on my wrist. I think everything was done without a word. But I was given a LOOK.
    I left the shop feeling really frustrated: what was the big deal of providing me with a sample, or a word?
    Where was the jasmine infused warmth of the Mediterranean?

    Then, slowly, a smell that still today I tag as “eucalyptus” began to calm me. A dry ambery softness lulled me. It felt like warm stones. A couple of spices disturbed me… Did I love it? Did I hate it?

    The next week the precious mouillette was taken in and out its providential wrapping, and there I was again, in a golden autumn afternoon, surrounded by eucalyptus trees and ancient, dusty stones.
    Later that year, I finally got some samples (my boyfriend won at Andy’s Advent calendar game), I kept smelling and tracking down all sort of perfumes and the first to be bought was l’air du desert marocain, of course, because both me and my boyfriend loved it. The time passed, my boyfriend became my husband, and I fell in love with other AT creations... other perfumes came (I discovered classic Guerlains; fell in love with a few Malles, Lutens and Chanels), and I dismissed many of my early infatuations… Niche shops generous with samples and enthusiasm were discovered, and I made it my pleasure never to buy something from that first niche shop I visited.

    Today, Une rose chyprée might be my favorite Andy Tauer; still, l’air du desert Marocain was my very first precious perfume, my first venture into artisanal/artistic fragrances, and it is the only fragrance I own that blesses me with a Eucalyptus forest.
    So it is not my favorite perfume, but it is a perfume that I keep loving throughout the years, a perfume with many memories and a perfume that warms my heart.

    So, that’s all. Thank you Andy and thank you Helg for the draw…
    As a hard core fan of une rose chyprée, my choice between the two releases is obviously vermillion-tinged.

  66. aglaia15:51

    Warm and magic,une rose chyprée is my favourite Andy Tauer,but I would like to fall in love again and forever: with the eternal charm of roses or with dark,precious,mysterious spices of Eau d'épices?
    Eau d'Épices would be my choice.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  67. I have one tiny sample of L'Air du Desert Marocain. I adore it.
    I can't afford a bottle, I'm too poor right now. I'm working hard searching for a job. Maybe when I get one, I can have a bottle as my reward.
    I take out my sample, allow myself just a tiny dab or two, and let my imagination take me away. I find this fragrance so transporting. And not just the beautiful scene I can imagine around myself, the colors, textures, the remnants of the days heat still warming silk ... I find L'Air du Desert Marocain emotionally transporting as well. I leave behind my now so familiar depression and discouragement, the feeling that it's not worthwhile to bother hoping that I can make things better. Going through such a glorious sensory experience reminds me that there is more to life than being stuck in unemployment, far from home, missing my family. It reminds me that with my imagination, my creativity, and the love I have to share with others, I have good things to look forward to, and that I don't have a bad life, I'm just going through a hard time.
    I'd love to win a bottle because I need a pick-me-up so badly, and I'm not in a place where I can get one for myself.

  68. Lonestar Memories is my favorite of the Tauer line because it's spicy and comforting. If I win, I'd want the Rose Vermiellie because I think that Tauer's rose fragrances have been man-friendly. :) And any frag that I can share with my wife is twice as much fun!

  69. Gisela21:50

    I love the new "Carillon pour un ange": It has a very natural feeling and is at the same time complex and artistic; very honest and down-to-earth but also utterly lovely.
    But I have to admit that every time I wear "Une rose chyprée" I'm astonished at how wonderful it is...
    And then there is "Incense rosé" in the winter...
    And "L'air du desert.." on my husband...
    "Une rose vermeille" sounds also heavenly...

  70. london22:48

    I'd love to be entered in the drawing. Une Rose Chypree is my favourite so I have great hopes for the Vermeille

  71. Anonymous02:07

    I'd appreciate being entered and L’eau d’épices reads so warm, which I like in a fragrance.

    ~ Susan

  72. First of all, this is my fourth time entering an Andy Tauer contest, including the one which we had to come up with something about Lily of the Valley. (I wrote a poem, at least I was trying to.) Love the contest. However,

    I have never tried an Andy Tauer before, which is a shame. That's because I live in Taiwan, a country with no trace of Tauer creations.

    Incense, this is the ingredient that caught my eye when I was browsing through the collection. Recently I have dug in "Incense" in order to write two articles (in Taiwanese Mandarin) about the "Series 3: Incense" from CdG. The house have given me 5 different interpretations of incense from 3 prestige perfumers. I enjoyed every scent from the series because of the burning and calming effects from incense. These reasons intrigue me a lot, which lead me to Tauer's incense creation, No. 5 (Incense Extrême) and No. 6 (Incense Rose).

    Incense Extrême, according to the details, sounds like a similar interpretation I found in Ouarzazate from CdG. It features the smell from dessert, the trees and the night of the desert. The dryer and vibrant smell from exotic destinations arouses me always.

    As for Incense Rosé, I think this creation is oriental based, which is not usually my genre. But I would love to see how the thick oriental theme is interpreted with incense in mondern days. I hope incense is the main character in this creation, not oriental all the way.

    Please enter me into the contest. I hope I could try out an Andy Tauer perfume this time. Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity.

    The following is the two articles I wrote for CdG's Series 3 Incense.

    Part one:

    Part two:

  73. Anonymous16:47

    My favourite scent from Tauer is Une Rose Chipree.
    They don't make scents like it anymore, and it makes me feel... like I'm worth everything that's good in this world.


  74. Fernando18:18

    Well, it's probably fair to say that I like all of Andy Tauer's perfumes. But when you ask for a favorite, my mind oscillates between three. There is, of course, the wonderful L'Air du Desert, which still impresses every time I put it on. I also like Incense Extreme a lot, though perhaps it is not quite as beautiful as the Moroccan air. And my wife simply adores Rose Chyprée; it's her perfume for really special occasions.

    In the end, the real favorite must be the Desert Air: the mystical sense of dryness, the beautiful smell of I-don't-know-what... I think that's the secret: it is one of the rare perfumes where I really cannot figure out how the magic was achieved, a mystery in a bottle. And it lasts all day. Truly one of the wonders of the world.

  75. I have yet to try Andy Tauer´s perfumes but after browsing the website I´ll def. order the sample set (especially Orange Star and Lonestar Memories are calling my name).
    Eau d`Espices sounds like a great scent for fall and winter, so please enter me in the draw for that.

  76. I'm 19 and I have just recently fallen in love with perfume since I visited France during my senior year in high school. Ever since I have been trying to build my perfume knowledge. I can't believe I have never heard of A. Tauer but after reading your post and exploring his web site I can't wait to get my nose on some of his scents. Some day I hope to own a perfume boutique in northern michigan and introduce all the woman up here to niche fragrances. Although I love rose scents and all of his sound wonderful I have to say I am stuck between Carillon pour un Ange and l’eau d’épices. I love the warmth you describe from l’eau d’épices. But the smell of spring from Carillon pour un Ange sounds great too. Thanks for such wonderful blogging, Kim.

  77. Anonymous17:35

    Thanks to you and Andy for this great offer. Please enter me into the draw for Ear d'Epices. Barbara

  78. morning star22:21

    I'm intrigued by Orange Star, but mostly by Carion pour un Ange. I like modern takes on old-type flowers like lilly of valley. And because it's bound to be good and innovative like anything Tauer-branded.
    Please enter me in the draw. thank you

  79. I admire vetiver dance, propably the most underrated compositions of mr. tauer. Nice fresh take on vetiver, using some lily of the valley (?) notes.

  80. Oh I so want to win... I already <3 orange star.

  81. Andy rocks, I met him last year at Pitti Fragranze, I was handed a handful of samples by him personally and in fact, I'd have a hard time choosing, I totally dig Incense extreme because it's incense and more incense, Incense rose because rose is also one of my favorites, Vetiver dance because it's a nice inconspicuous vetiver, Une rose chypree is totally cool... well, the only thing that doesn't really appeal to me is Maroc pour Elle.
    No lengthy rant listing my impressions or some such, in the cases listed above, it's pretty simple: yes I want this thing by buckets, thankyouverymuch.

  82. Oh wow, already so many gorgeous entries... I am only just discovering all the wonderful perfume blogs, and trying to order home samples from the ones I think might be particularly interesting. I live in this cold and niche-perfumeless country, so would simple love to get my hands on a "real" Tauer, and from what you write the Eau D'Epices would be just my perfume. Please enter me and keep up the good work, thanks for the blog.

  83. Anonymous22:47

    I have been wearing samples of L'Air, Rose chypree, Jardin and Orange Star since this post-- I am falling back in love with each, ikn turn. Good luck to all on the contest, but keeping my fingers crossed til the winner is announced;)

  84. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments and your compliments on the site. I think Andy will be very pleased to see just what his fragrances represent to you all which is a useful gauge into creating what people would really desire.

    Liisa, you lucky gal! I bet it was a great experience (attending and being personally given samples) Hugs! (have a Patou post coming up, thanks to you!)


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