Friday, April 23, 2010

Dr.Turin on the Science of Smell

The MIT Tech, the online paper at the university Dr.Luca Turin is currently serving as a participant in DARPA’s RealNose project [it aims to simulate the mammalian olfactory system apllying the vibration theory], has an interesting short interview by Nina Sinantra with the man himself.
In it he explains how he first became interested in the research of smell, how he got inspiration for the vibrational theory from pioneers Malcom Dysonand and R.H. Wright and what he envisions/hopes for the future.
You can find the link of the interview here.


  1. Merci beaucoup pour ce lien.I read Luca Turin interview and it is fascinating.The lock and key approach loses ground indeed.

  2. Anonymous15:29

    "...*teching* me to write English properly"

    Think that was on purpose? ;)

  3. CF,

    pas du tout! Un plaisir! :-)
    I think there's lot to the theories of smell breakdown and how it might correlate to other aspects of scientific research as well, so we try to keep abreast of things to the best of our ability.

  4. D,

    hi there, thanks for stopping by!

    Yeah, I should think so! It's so irresistible for a pun, isn't it? And I suppose Tania being an English Literature major (and competent writer in her own way) could indeed do so (not that he had any need, just saying!)


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