Thursday, March 11, 2010

Madonna Launches Celebrity Fragrance

Finally, did I hear you ask? For years perfume enthusiasts have wondered how it is possible that even Z-list "celebrities" have their own juice out while Madonna, an affirmed perfume lover (as per our celebrity list) hasn't. Well, not anymore!

"The first fragrance from Madonna may not be what you'd expect. Merchandising company Signature Networks has announced a deal with the star that could see the introduction of a fragrance based on her English Roses book for children" (according to Goliath Business News)
Of course it was as far back as 2005 that Hello Magazine had this blurb out: "According to British newspaper The Sun, she's planning on launching an eponymous fragrance this Christmas in a deal reportedly worth £5 million". And in 2007 the rumours had already gained a significant amount of analysis behind them, citing Madonna's meeting with Firmenich executives, as per Théo Spilka. What transpires at any rate is that Madonna did have the plan in the works for about a decade.

The question by now was whether such a fragrance would actually sell well, taking into consideration Madonna has the bulk of her career behind her: Neil Katz, CEO of Parlux Fragrances, which markets the Paris Hilton scent, says, "Years ago, she could sell fragrance. But I don't know if at this point in her career, she still has that strong a following. I don't know." "She has most of her career behind her," Bousquet-Chavanne notes, but "she has a universality to her and a timelessness." Judging by her 1979 nudes inspiring the visuals for unrelated fragrance, well...
What is news is that perhaps this venture will market not the adults who grew up with her but the pre-teens, aged 6-14, who are the audience for her books and their parents who buy them. The news is actually even more complicated, as it will be the culmination of a wider project which involves a clothes and accessories brand. According to "MG Icon, the newly formed joint venture between Madonna and Iconix Brand Group, has announced its first direct-to-retail license agreement with Macy's, Inc. for Material Girl, a new fashion line, which will eventually include beauty products. Inspired and designed in collaboration with Madonna and her daughter Lourdes, the Material Girl junior collection will launch exclusively in approximately 200 Macy's stores and online in August. It will feature footwear, handbags and jewelry priced between $12.00-$40.00. According to MG Icon, future expansion plans call for Material Girl to be active in the beauty sector, with a fragrance bowing in 2011." Could it be called Candy Perfume Girl?

EDIT TO ADD: Nope, Candy Perfume Girl it ain't. Read more on Madonna's "Truth or Dare" on our updated article.

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  1. Ha! Funny! I was just listening to Candy Perfume Girl yesterday and thinking how terrible that would actually smell if it were a fragrance. Unless of course one likes to smell sugary sweet and of candy, which there is apparently a market for. Kind of a bummer that it's for kids- I'd love to see what she'd come up with. If it were to go the SJP route and smell like strawberries, I'd have to subtract a few points.

  2. Mystic Knot08:42

    Ok Madonna ... no pink pepper, no fruity floral candy ,pluuueasse.

  3. Jared,

    thanks for your comment, completely agree with you! CPG would be rather yucky... Kids are clearly honed to be later-day diabetics, that's for sure!! LOL
    (come to think of it, it's not a laughing matter)

    Madonna has all the potential for a seriously good perfume, because she has such an interest and massive collection (so she should know what to focus on and communicate to the creative team; but the issue is these things are decided according to what sells, obviously...)
    It's a little let-down that it's only for kiddos. Unless they go the Petit Guerlain way and produce something simple yet refined.

  4. MK,

    LOL!! I hope they're paying attention. Since it's supposedly for kids, I think avoiding sugar is rather difficult. Not that several kids aren't into more experimentational mode if we only let them!

  5. Anonymous17:13

    Madonna's fan

    I'm addicted to Madonna... don't ask me why :) I hope it will be good perfume, even if it will be made for children. Actually, I know it will be good! :))

  6. Kids perfume = too much money.

    You know what I think of Celeb perfumes but to get your kids in the sting - enough is enough!

  7. I do still quite like Madonna in a lot of ways, but the main part of this whole project -- clothing line, etc. -- that I dislike is that I don't feel one needs to turn one's 13-year-old child into a businessperson, branding-mogul, or what have you at such an early age.

    Well, at least the child will never be destitute...

  8. Madonna would be the only celeb fragrance I would purchase unsniffed.

    I love Madge.

    And I thinks she's an icon, so the notion of the 'bulk of her career being behind her' seems a trite too negative. I think there are many women in my age group who would be intrigued by a proper, classic perfume (a tuberose floriental perhaps?) from Lady Madonna. It would *have* to be excellent; with exquisite packaging and sophisticated advertising. If it went the likes of Paris Hilton et al then I would be appalled. =)

  9. Anonymous22:38

    Allegedly her fav scent is Fracas and her fav flower is gardenia so i hope she manages to make some statement against soft fruity florals!


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