Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Bancha: new fragrance

Niche perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has expertly crafted a brand new and very special ayurvedic scent elemental to the season which opens up, spring, called Bancha.

In alignment with nature, Bancha hopes to ease the wearer through transitional months, as signs of vitality and fresh starts begin to resurface all around. Memories of winter’s coldness quietly fold into warm breezes as the renewed element of invincibility overtakes the mind and senses. Bancha’s earthy-green notes are inspired by the fresh tones of the traditional Japanese tea of the same name and comprised of essences used in traditional ayrudedic medicine, to ensure complete wellness through simple scent meditation.

Charismatic and refreshing, the bold citrus top notes of Bancha intertwine with a base of earthy, green aromas for a crisp, lively fragrance that will revive the senses and restore harmony. The unisex scent welcomes spring’s fresh start…

Top Notes: Green Mandarin, Lime Peel, Mint, Yuzu
Middle Notes: Holy Basil, Centifolia Rose, Sambac Jasmine, Pine Needle
Base Notes: Australian Sandalwood, Himalayan Cedarwood

With heady green undertones, the sweet notes of this fragrance create a wholly balanced sense of well-being and reinforce holistic healing. Bancha will be available in early 2010.

Bancha is available in:
Parfum - 5 ml Antique Presentation Extract / $80.00
Eau de Parfum - 1oz EDP Spray / $70.00; Mini Dram Bottle / $18.00.

Original info via press release.
Awakening Spring, a painting by Luc-Olivier Merson.


  1. I think that sounds gorgeous. I really want to try more DSH fragrances, but it keeps not happening, this is a good reminder. I got to meet Dawn and she was the nicest person, and I think she's just immensely talented.

  2. Oh, dear, another DSH that appeals. Thank goodness she has implemented sample programs and those little dram bottles...makes it much easier to explore her many wonderful offerings.

    I love the idea of a transition fragrance, and do categorize certain ones in my own collection that way.

  3. Bancha is an exceptional fragrance, and the first that my husband and I share. It truly is a comforting a rejuvenating scent!


  4. Oh...and is it OK to let your readers know it is available here?

    If not, please delete!


  5. Sounds really lovely--DSH always does wonderful things with this kind of sweet green scent.

  6. I do think DSH is immensely talented, but a bit of this came my way and I remember not liking it at all, though I generally love green scents. I can't remember now if I gave it away or still have it; if the latter, I'll need to test again.

  7. Agreed re : Dawn's wonderful work and delightful persona !
    I've yet to try this ine, but it sounds marvellous...


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