Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Optical Scentsibilities: Beyonce chanelling Cindy Crawford?

Beyonce is directed into emulating Cindy Crawford (and a crop of other top models who appeared in George Michael's Freedom along with the heat and fire visuals) in this commercial for her first celebrity fragrance, Heat by Beyonce.
Compare with the original video-clip below (especially around 2:58 and onwards) and...go have a lie down.


  1. Beyonce pulled out all the stops on that one... loved the wall trail of steam! Thanks for sharing... how does it smell??

  2. E, you are so right! That had to be intentional.

    Personally, the original is by far more interesting and sexy. Bey's feels gratuitous.

    Those models were all so stunning, But Linda Evangelista takes the cake. She was always my fave, no matter how cocky she might have been back then


  3. D,

    I loved that detail too!
    I have no idea on the smell though. Probably nice enough ~for a celebo scent~ I'd guess: the notes aren't revolting ;-)

  4. T,

    as soon as I saw it I thought "bang! Freedom!", so it's got to be some sort of homage.
    The original is very sexy indeed, still sexy after all those years, especially the final shots with the turtleneck and the towel on the hair are excellent.
    Linda, ah, now there was a stylish model! Don't think there ever was a photo of her in sweats and the like. Always groomed.

  5. So true, love the turtleneck shots.

    Well, hopefully they got permission for the "homage" or else GM's peeps might be a little miffed :-)

    There should be a perfume based on that video and song. It's all so good!


    I have "Freedom" on my iPod to get me motivated to run a little faster on the treadmill!

  6. T,

    nah, I think they went for it regardless ;-)
    Great idea!! A perfume after the video would be magnificent, now why didn't D&G think of that instead of those pathetic bathgown shots they did with all the models...

    And btwm great choice of treadmill accompaniment! ;-)


  7. Anonymous00:55

    she sure is showing a lot of boobage. that was my first reaction. will i have such boobage if i wear her perfume? haha.

    really liked the music video. nice use of iconic models. and great tune to dance to...

    - minette

  8. Haha! My thoughts were the same as Minette's - will I have as much boobage if I wear Beyone's perfume?!

    But seriously, is this homage or a blantant theft?

    You know, George is singing about his separation from Sony, which I think is lost on most peeps. It's a great song nontheless and I had a *major* crush on George M. in high school ;-)


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