Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scent used to push BMW products

BMW Canada is now using scent to sell financial products. Yup, you heard this right! In a rare and unusual display of originality and invention (not diametrically antithetical to the digitalised notions of scent use we had introduced on these pages the other day) BMW Financial Services under its Canadian agency of record, Candari, has produced an autoshow handout card that looks like magazine scent strips.

"Joy" is the brand's global platform tagged in the ad as "Joy is the scent of a new BMW". The recipient can open the fold-over tab which then releases a leather aroma, produced by New York-based scent marketing company Scentisphere. The concept was introduced in last week's Montreal International Autoshow.
According to "It was important for the ad to be 'visceral' because financing isn't as interesting a topic to car show visitors as new engines or designs, said Brent Choi, chief creative officer at Cundari. 'They're not as interested in purchase options, but we wanted to continue the BMW allure and excitement', despite the unglamorous nature of the product".

Expect to see it distributed at the Toronto International Autoshow in February, and again at the Vancouver International Autoshow in March.

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  1. ... that would be Dzongkha with 99octane gasoline and some burned rubber for me. I hope this arrives to my end of the woods, too.
    In reality and in cars, I get leather and stale cigarette smoke although the BMW smells somewhat agreeable, it's the Audi that makes me awfully carsick on family trips a minute after getting to the car. I'm a train person (it has somehting to do with the fact that I can't drive) but trains haven't been en vogue since the times of Orient Express, I guess. Well, bite it, I and fashion follow different paths in this universe.

  2. L,

    as always you make me laugh so hard!! Thanks honey I needed that.

    Trains are sooooo romantic! But you're right, a night spent at the night-coach to Sofia can give you a very different perspective...
    Which reminds me, I was reading in a travel magazine some years ago how the Orient Express was refurbished at some point and would be following the classic Calais-Constantinople voyage and there would be fine cuisine in the wagon restaurant and Belgian chocolates & pralines on the bed pillows in the coaches (the glutton in me is speaking)Ah...makes me want to be a fly in the wall and live it all Agatha-Christie-style!

    Don't you?


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