Monday, November 30, 2009

Andy Tauer Advent begins

Andy Tauer the niche Swiss perfumer of Tauer Perfumes is holding 24 days of giveaways for Advent this year starting today and running up till Christmas. Please check back at the Tauer site every day through 24 December, there are prizes to win! And we will be hosting a lucky draw with his generous sponsorship later on too, stay tuned ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous14:29

    Dearest E,

    Thank you for keeping an eye on one of my favourite perfumers. I do not visit his site as often as I would like and so had no idea about his celebration of Advent.

    But wait...isn't Advent a time of asceticism and purification in anticipation of the arrival of Christ? Should I not be depriving myself of the sensous experience of wearing perfume? And here Mr. Tauer is actually going to be giving the stuff away to the lucky! What temptation! I suppose I shall just have to splash on some Incense Extreme to match my hair shirt.



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