Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Le Labo City Exclusives online!

You had been saddened to find yourself bound in your own city when fragrant treasures were issued exclusively for other destinations? Now you can sigh with relief. "They are making only 25 bottles of each scent, so if you’ve been pining for the tuberose and white flower laden New York fragrance or the woody, sexy vanilla-bourbon-drenched smell of the Paris perfume Vanille 44, now’s your chance to grab a bottle, without having to travel across the world. Previously only available in the Le Labo stores for which each scent was created, the six City Exclusive fragrances are now available on luckyscent.com in limited quantity until Nov. 30".
They are: Aldehyde 44 (Dallas), Vanille 44 (Paris), Gaiac 10 (Tokyo), Musc 25 (Los Angeles), Poivre 23 (London), and Tubereuse 40 (New York).

Info from Los Angeles Times.


  1. good news- but which one!

  2. Hi K!

    I included them in the text now. They're visible on luckyscent too!


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