Thursday, November 5, 2009

CKfree Bottles Giveaway

We are hosting a giveaway of two full bottles of CK Free, the newest Calvin Klein fragrance, courtesy of their promo company. Simply enter a comment you'd like to be included and we will pick two winners. (Contest is reserved to US residents, only*)

If I were to review the brand, Calvin Klein fragrances have gone through an arch, I notice: from the provocative/innovative (Obsession for men and for women, CKOne and CKBe, last one my personal pick for great visuals and nice musk scent) to the mainstream (Contradiction, Euphoria, Crave, CKIn2 and their respective progeny), all through the surprisingly nice (Truth).
These are seperate continents with nothing but vast expanses of water to separate them: There is no cohesive glue sticking them together, no matter how acute your Magellan abilities are. Simply put, there is no single "Calvin Klein style"(no Calvinade, if you please) which makes every one of them something of a bet when choosing. I have noticed that Europeans have a higher regard than Americans for the brand, probably due to the syndrome of "no one's a prophet in their homeland", which is interesting to think about. Then again they did combine innovation and surpreme marketability in their CKOne more than a decade ago, got to give them that, I suppose. Since Calvin has disassociated himself from the house the path has been taken from the off-piste to the middle of the road.

The newest CKFree is a guy's scent for guys who don't really want to be edgy or provocative, just smell nice and fresh in the "just showered" sort of way with a splash of cooling spicy/gin&tonic accent in there. There is also a microscopic smoother woody element, which is completely inoffesive. If you're after an office scent or a gym scent or a scent for whatever activity will have you around other guys who want to smell nice and are appreciative of that quality on their peers, then you're set.

The scent is fronted by model Jaime Dornan (who also starred in Dior commercials, I'm reminding you) and well...with a face like that, one can recite off the telephone book and someone somewhere is going to pay attention! (Good choice marketing & advertising team guys!) I wish they'd go back to the agent provocateur visuals which we had celebrated in our Advertising Series here, though...Oh and nice packaging from what I see.

More information clicking here (the playlist includes such classic favourites as It's a beautiful day by U2 and Freedom by George Michael ~all with the word "free" in the lyrics in there, someone was toiling on Lyricsfreak for this). In classic high-tech age mode there is also a Twitter page, for those interested. But the catch in my humble opinion is this feature on the website which allows you to see the best places "to live free" via Google Maps.

Notes for CK Free:
Top: Thailand star anise, jackfruit, absinthe, juniper berry
Heart: suede, tobacco leaves, coffee absolute, South African buchu
Base: patchouli absolute, oakwood, texan cedarwood, costa rican ironwood

*NB the bottles will be sent to winners directly from the company in the USA and not myself, as I am stationed in Europe.


  1. This might be nice for my boyfriend, although when I read the gin&tonic accent, I realized I might steal it. :)
    Please, enter me in the draw.

  2. Michael K15:05

    Count me in the draw too!

  3. I'm not eligible, being on the wrong continent, but I'll direct Joanna here.

  4. Ooops - I just read the comment by Liisa - I skipped the US residents only part. Well, that disqualifies me.

  5. Roberto C15:51

    Hi, please enter me in the draw, I live in the US.
    Thank you

  6. I would love to be entered - and I live in the US.



  7. Ines,

    oh darling, this is restricted to US residents only I'm afraid , so sorry...(That's a specification of the company, I'm not the one organising this) :-(

  8. Michael,

    gotcha! good luck!

  9. L,

    me too, can you believe it; please do redirect your friends!

  10. Ines, I saw you figured it out yourself. Again so sorry....

  11. Roberto,

    sure, good luck!

  12. Marko,

    best of luck, you're in!

  13. Anonymous18:37

    Put me in the drawing.

  14. Please include me in the drawing - I have a friend who would love this.

  15. Amy,
    done deal, good luck!

  16. Barbara,

    you're included!!

  17. I'd like to enter the contest!

  18. Sign me up! I have a husband who has a sad empty space where his cologne should be (I lie...there's a few sample bottles).

    brinnet [at] gmail /dot/ com

  19. maitreyi197823:40

    Please enter me in the draw. Thanks.

  20. Anonymous06:35

    Hallo, pls enter me in the drawing, thank you. Alica -

  21. Jamie P.16:44

    Count me in! I'd love to smell this on my husband.

    amidala -at- writeme dot com

  22. Great giveaway thanks.

  23. Please enter me as well. :)

  24. Please include me in the draw. I have not yet tried any of the CK scents, my interest in fragrances began well after CK Obsession and One made a splash on the scene. And I have cut my teeth on the more idiosyncratic niche fragrances. So I think it's time to go a little mainstream. Thanks!

  25. Please add me to the contestants. i would love this one. Havent heard of this one yet, but sounds great!

  26. enter me please

  27. Anonymous06:05

    Please enter me. The notes, with star anise and coffee, sound like there could be potential there! What, no citrus? (What is jackfruit, by the way? Maybe that's taking the place of the citrus?) Thanks!
    Laura M

  28. hey hey, would love to be added. always looking for a new scent. and i'm a college student... perfume is the expensive hobby i love.

    fingers crossed

  29. Thank you all for your participationg, you have been all included and the draw is now closed. Results to be announced shortly! ;-)


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