Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas '09 Gifts ideas: New Diptyque candles & solid perfumes

Three new candles by Diptyque come in a brilliantly coloured presentation Wycinanki, making them each a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer! The scents are:
Marrons Grillés (Roasted chestnuts): The scent mixes the gasoline-like Cade and birch to the sweetness of tonka bean and vanilla.
Benzoin: The benzoin essence is caressed by a charismatic patchouli and woody cypriol from India, sublimated by the darker and softwood cist, possessing the evocative power of a spellbinding journey.
Sapin de Noel (Christmas Fir): Its evergreen branches, emerging green accents and air from wormwood and galbanum, are colored by the intensity of sour eucalyptus.
190g/6.5oz, 50Euros each

There is also the limited edition for Xmas 2009 Coffret d'Hiver/Winter Coffret: 3 small-size candles in a thematic black and gold sleeve. It contains Feu de Bois (logwood fire) 70g, Oranger (Orange tree)70g, and Pin Sylvestre 70g. Retails for 65 Euros.

But apart from gifts to others, they are spoiling us with suggestions on gifts for ourselves as well! Solid perfumes in a metal box with the shiny black oval Diptyque engraved intaglio are now available in L'Ombre dans l'Eau and Philosykos, two of the brand's bestsellers. Makes for purse-friendly touch-ups through the day! (and a nifty idea for travelling too)
4.5g for 30 Euros


  1. hmm those are rather lovely aren't they- oh dear I want the winter set and some solid Philosykos

  2. K,

    although I am not usually a solids and oils kind of girl (don't want to get my nails dirty) I somehow were instantly pulled closed by those cute and chic tins! The design is marvellous in the candle sets, isn't it?

  3. I am a fan of solids...while they often disappoint, it is a concept I really want to work. So I am regularly checking them out...Helg, if you get a chance to try these, I'd love to hear about it.

    The candle sets do sound lovely.

  4. Anonymous15:01

    Dearest E,

    These are beautiful but I am intrigued by the name Wycinanki; is there any background on that? The word (Polish) refers to the intricate paper craft whereby detailed scenes are cut from card-stock type paper to either decorate a mantel by standing on their own or be glued to a contrasting material (a card, a glass or wood ornament, etc). I assume they are referring to the gold decoration on the votive glass, as it is exactly that, a wycinanka.


  5. The candles are simply wonderful! I bet they smell divine.

  6. I might get some of these for my mother in law. I think anyone would be happy to receive anything Dyptique!

  7. Hey, thanks for this post. I'm pretty up-to-date on what Diptyque is up to, did a profile myself recently, but you're the most well-informed of all. :-)
    Love your blog; always an informative treat.

  8. I should make my mother wear perfume. Like, wear perfume, not spritz herself with just anything she has. It would make things easier. Now, my dad... I'm not sure whether he still keeps sniffing the Eau de Orange Verte hair conditioner he stole from me because it smelled nice but he does have potential. Candles... he likes them as long as they chase away mosquitoes while smelling nice.

  9. S,

    I will be sure to let you know! Yup, the sets looks mighty fine!

  10. N,

    thanks for explaining so well: I understood that they referred to the decoration on the exterior of the jars as well, but great to hear such an informed explanation.

  11. Ines,

    the Benzoin one is surely lovely, the others I have yet to sniff. I bet they're too (was curious about the Marrons but they didn't have it at the time yet)

  12. Jen,

    she is a lucky lady to have you as her daughter in law! What a wonderful idea for a gift. (Then again I knew you'd go for something elegant)

  13. Michael,

    welcome and thanks for commenting! (and btw, loved your FouFou!)
    Well, I try to be on the pulse, but I can tell you with so many releases across the boards, it's getting a little difficult. Thanks for the encouragement!

  14. L,

    you sound like the perfect person to convert anyone: I bet you're deliver the just right prologue to make them see the errors of their ways yet intrigue them into proving you wrong (and in the meantime decide they don't even want to do that!)
    Your dad sounds like he has good taste, the EdOV is a lovely, refined smell.


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