Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas '09 Gifts ideas: Annick Goutal limited editions

The bestseller of Annick Goutal, the bracingly lemony Eau d'Hadrien with its refined cypress and citron accents is issued in a limited edition Noel 2009 in a precious flacon boule (ball bottle) with a butterfly top and printed gold stars.
The bottle is numbered, issued in only 639 pieces around the world and signed by Camille Goutal.
Additionally there is a Coffret Noel with 5 small candles of 35g each retailing for 40 euros, as well as Christmas coffrets offerings of the popular Eaux de Toilette in 50ml bottles along with the crème corps parfumée tube (100ml).
Available in Un Matin d'Orage, Eau d'Hadrien and Petite Cherie.
Retail price: 65 Euros for each set.


  1. the Hadrien bottle is stunning!

  2. butterfly? yes

    stars? yes

    gold? yes

    yes, yes, yes ... no - if only I loved Eau d'Hadrien!


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