Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Naomi Campbell raises a stink?

The famous supermodel is accused of cutting her longtime associates out of their profits share in her eponymous celebrity scents brand.

"Moodform Mission is a partnership of Campbell's former London modeling agents and a cosmetics outfit based in Miami Beach, Fla. The firm worked for years _ even designing the perfume bottles _ to line up a 1998 fragrance deal for Campbell with a German company that later became part of Procter & Gamble Co., said Moodform Mission lawyer Daniel R. Bright.[..]The lawsuit, filed late Monday, said Campbell violated a 1998 contract with Moodform Mission by inking a new fragrance-licensing agreement, costing the company a portion of the proceeds from such scents as Naomi Campbell, Cat Deluxe and Seductive Elixir." [source and reproduced] The reputation of Naomi Campbell for fiesty episodes enters the equation in both articles, despite it having nothing to do with legal actions. Campbell herself is confident of winning the case. It remains to be seen.

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  1. Not that I would understand who is who in that contract jungle. And the fragrances are no big deal in my eyes either.

  2. She's so ridiculous. One would think with all the money she's keeping, illegally or not, she would have been able to afford a little top, a bra, pasties, something!

  3. Somehow this does not surprise me... When is she going to wake up and realize she shouldn't treat people like this? My guess is never.

  4. Naomi Campbell has fragrances?? 3 of them?? Wow, I've been living under a rock huh? ;0

  5. Audit Diva,
    I believe that it has to be nice under that rock.
    I have a sample of Cat Deluxe someone threw at me at the store... I may write a series on random uninteresting fragrances from samples I got while shopping for something serious, thinking of it. I could let my meanness roam freely, I guess.

  6. Helg, I mean - who cares! Her perfume IMO is nothing special and I guess she can always use it as room freshener in jail! LOL

  7. Liisa, that is a great idea! I would read that series with much interest :)

  8. L,

    trust me you don't lose much not knowing the fumes, they're innofensively sweet stuff, a dime a dozen.

  9. LTS,

    LOL!! Yeah, pasties should be economical I should think! What are the chances she's ordering from Myla and is therefore short on funds? ;-)
    Tsk, tsk, tsk...

  10. OH,

    eh...I wouldn't know. Courts will decide what happens at any rate.

  11. Audit,

    a very nice rock, I should say! You're not losing much.

  12. L,

    exactly and wait till you smell that tropical sweet thing in the wine-coloured bottle with the leaf on it (can't even recall the name). Pfft, so many fragrances so little skin real estate!

  13. M,

    hello there!
    Freshening up the jail with her fragrances would have serious repurcussions to the glucemic index of inmates, should she risk it? ;-)

  14. Audit,

    Liisa should get a kick out of unrelentlessly trashing them all, I bet!


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