Monday, September 28, 2009

Enrique Iglesias for Azzaro Homme: new face, new campaign

Azzaro pour Homme, the fougere classic from 1978 is gaining a new spin, that of the seducteur (a womaniser), in the face of Enrique Iglesias (full name Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler).

The son of Spanish legend Julio Iglesias is a singing star in his own right: Recognised at numerous awards (including Grammys, American Music Awards and the 2008 NRJ Music Award for Best International Masculine Artist) the top-selling Spanish-speaking singer worldwide according to data as of this minute, Enrique is successful, handsome and the "exotic" yet approachable type that would have consumers sit up and take notice. Enrique Inglesias's own track record is impressive with liaisons with Sofia Vergara, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Shannon Elizabeth, Samantha Torres, and the ex Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

The press release is quite clear-cut into what they are aiming at: "It takes a certain kind of man to personify the distinctive style of this iconic fragrance: the eternal charmer, a man who loves and respects women. The proverbial "tall, dark and handsome"… good looks, unmistakable, innate sensuality, a magnetic personality and energy… "

Enrique is all that and we're elated he isn't lending his pretty mug for a celebrity scent now. His previous take on celebrity endorsement included a stint for Tommy Hilfiger's True Star (Refresh your memory with this). Under the auspices of Michel Mallard, Artistic Director of the new Azzaro pour Homme campaign, and with Steven Klein behind the lens at the Pier 59 Studios in NYC, the fragrance which was previously positioned as the professional type of the 80s overachiever is coming into a new image.

The new campaign for Azzaro pour Homme is set to roll this coming October and looks like it will entice a younger wave of wannabe "Latin lovers" into trying this woody classic. Good job, Azzaro team!


  1. enrique certainly doesn't hurt my eyes to look at- and Azzaro would seem like a better match up than Tommy Hilfiger- although that's really because I hated those true star fragrances. They seem to have moved to the 50% off section though don't they...

  2. He's quite pretty, true and ApH is a better fragrance(agreed) and it doesn't hurt to have it "framed" by his looks. It's not exactly a Latin lover scent though!

    BTW, funny how both Beyonce (the True Star face for the women's, wasn't she?) and Enrique are now onto otherscent projects! Somehow I think when famous singers/actors/sportsmen lend their face to a fragrance it should be only THAT fragrance they should promote ~unless it's something of their own~ and not other brands. (for example think how iconic Deneuve is for No.5!) They're not supposed to be just models, you know?

  3. Anonymous15:53

    He is like a too sweet tea. Not for me.

  4. And now I have the hilarious music video he made with Jennifer Love Hewitt in my head. He reminds me a great deal of my teen years and early college years. I don't know the scent so I can't say whether it matches up.

  5. Anonymous18:24

    Hrr...did you leave out Anna Kournikova as part of Enrique's "track record" on purpose or she is officially not a celebrity anymore? ;-p

    Frankly it's a smart choice and a very good ad, though I find it kind of funny how his name is featured prominently right next to the bottle, as if saying "No, seriously, we got Enrique and not some random male model that looks like him!" Shouldn't the recognizability of a star be figured out at this point? Yeah, it's a rhetorical question--I know the logic behind it but I still find it kind of funny...

  6. L,

    he does look a little too earnest in the "part". Not exactly my type either, but admittedly quite pretty. I bet lots of women find him gorgeous though.

  7. J,

    what hilarious video??? I have no idea what you're talking about. Don't make me go search on youtube lady, tell me or direct me! (Please!) :-)

    Oh the scent doesn't match AT ALL! But that's all right.

  8. A,

    I plead guilty, I just found the information on his paramours on wiki, I didn't retain that part of information by myself. Kournikova then too!

    Your point is well taken. I notice that they do it with other celebrities (quite hot) though too, such as Scarlett Johansson, Monica Belluci etc. So I kinda think it's a standard practice in case someone is actually wondering whether it is "that famous somebody" or not. Or something...

  9. So he is the video, "Hero" get ready for the lyrics that will make you laugh and JLH's over-acting because really with the storyline of this video it is all she could do.

  10. Rappleyea01:41

    Wow! Enrique and Argentine polo player Nacho all in the same day! Be still my (old) beating heart!

  11. Anonymous13:30

    His father is Julio Iglesias, with a "J".

  12. Anon,

    correct and I am adjusting the mistake, thanks! I often go by how things are pronounced rather than spelled, because I am writing at a non-native alphabet (so imagine the difficulty, especially when rushed!)


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