Thursday, June 18, 2009

The way to a slimmer you is through the nose....

"Like almost every dieter in America, Wendy Bassett has used all sorts of weight-loss products. Nothing worked, she said, until she tried Sensa: granules she scatters on almost everything she eats, and which are supposed to make dieters less hungry by enhancing the smell and taste of food" [...]"But can the manipulation of smell really lead to weight loss? A handful of niche products would have you believe just that."

A most interesting read in the New York Times today. Click here to read the rest of the article by Abby Ellin.

Brought to my attention by a reader on Perfume Posse.


  1. Well, hmmmm. Doesn't sound like the greatest research -- too many conflicting variables.

    I also think it's kind of dumb to suppress the sense of smell. What about spoiled food, gas leak, smell of smoke and the like?

  2. Gosh- nearly everything I smell makes me HUNGRY-
    Except for gangrene, and a few rare organisms even I refuse to mention, LOL !

  3. who knew? I think I would just eat very large portions of the very flavoured food- but could give it a try I guess!


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