Friday, May 29, 2009

Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire: news

Van Cleef & Arpels, the famous jewellers their dragonfly brooches on the jacket lapel of every BCBG woman and their Alhambra bracelets on my very own wrists, are launching their own "niche" line: La Collection Extraordinaire. Each of the six uniformly designed bottles is created by a different nose, much like L'Art et La Matiere boutique line by Guerlain.

Nathalie Feisthauer is the author of Gardénia Pétale, a warm and opulent composition. Randa Hammami (of Cruel Gardénia fame) created Orchidée Vanille while Nathalie Cetto is the nose behind Lys Carmin (red lily). Antoine Maisondieu and Emilie Coppermann are respectively the authors of Muguet Blanc (white lily of the valley) et Bois d’Iris (iris woods), while Marc Buxton plays with chiarroscuro and spices in his Cologne Noire.
The line will be available in September in bottles of 75ml for 130 euros each.


  1. Alexandra12:03

    Bois d`Iris might be interesting, since I`m not fan of florals. Price is high again...
    I adore their discontinued Gem, it`s one of my Top10.

  2. Bois d'Iris is also interesting, as there is already a lovely Bois d'Iris by The Different Company... interesting name choice...

  3. Fiordiligi16:31

    I thought the same thing, Jarvis. How confusing.

    It will as always be interesting to see what these are like. I wonder whether they will try to keep some sort of exclusivity by only having them in the Van Cleef et Arpels shops or boutiques-within-a-store, like Guerlain, Chanel and Hermes?

    Thank you E my love for telling us about these.

  4. Alex,

    price is ALWAYS high, I have become very exasperated with that. What the hell, why is everything so expensive all of a sudden? Remember a few years ago when 70-80 euros seemed like a high price for perfume (those first Lutens)? Now it's considered low...

  5. J,

    you're absolutely right! It made me wonder how they copyrighted it in the first place, but I didn't want to create panic by rumours of....well.....ahem....difficulties in the TDC line.
    I really like Bd'I btw.

  6. You\re most welcome D.

    I believe they will limit distribution somewhat, so that they are in tandem with the "collection" style (it's a very specific "style" across lines, eh?) But not just VC&A boutiques surely, because just how many go inside one of these and perfume is easily affordable luxury so...;-)

  7. Heh, folks, don't whine, they are expensive but they have a dangly shiny on them!
    sarcastic grin

  8. Exactly right, I mean, wth is up with that?? Everyone needs to put a little something on the bottles? (I think this means the little dangles have become easy/cheap to produce)

  9. Um, I think that dangly shiny appeared first as jewellery for cellphones. Or at least it's where I noticed them first. Not that jewellery for cellies would be any excuse at all. And with cellies, dangly shiny spread like a nasty skin disease. Damn, can't people come up with something creative and pretty? Fabric, anyone? Tags in silkscreened silk, for example. Glued rhinestones. Dangly shiny somewhere else than tied to the cap, at least.

    On the other hand, my experience with fellow animal species says that dangly shiny will become the fave toy of the cat of the house, potentially putting the end to the kitschy bottles.
    another sarcastic grin

  10. Anonymous16:22

    Van Cleef and Arpels Muguet de Blanc does not smell anything like Lilly of the Valley to me. I don't really understand how it could be associated with that smell. Can someone explain to me why? And whether it is meant as an extrait de parfum? Thank you!

  11. Anon, that's merely what the name means. (muguet=lily of the valley). As to the smell, people's perceptions are so different I tend to never pronounce judgment on them.
    I think they're not supposed to be extrait, they're EDP if I'm not mistaken.


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