Friday, May 8, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana a la niche!

The Italian duo of Dolce & Gabbana are going the niche way: at least optically! Their new collection of scents, called Anthology, is dressed in simple, identical bottles, bearing names inspired by the Tarot card deck (now this is something we haven't seen before) and intended not to differentiate on age or gender prompting us to pick and choose according to taste.
The campaign will focus on supermodels of the 90s (apparently a very big trend lately): Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova, posing in the nude, shot by photographer Mario Testino, along with male models Fernando Fernandes, Noah Mills and Tyson Ballou.

The scents will be:

Le Bateleur 1 (fronted by Tyson Ballou) is an aromatic aquatic woody focusing on cedar and vetiver.
L'Imperatrice 3 (Naomi Campbell) is a fruity with notes of kiwi,watermelon, cyclamen, rose and musk.
L'Amoureux 6 (Noah Mills), is a spicy aromatic with bergamot, juniper, pink pepper, cardamom, birch, iris and musk.
La Roue de la Fortune (Eva Herzigova and Fernando Fernandes), is a floriental with tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, benzoin and patchouli.
La Lune 18 (Claudia Schiffer) is a leathery floral with lily, tuberose, santalwood, musk, iris and leather.

The Anthology collection of fragrances by Dolce & Gabbana will launch in September 2009.
I am waiting to see how these will play out in a market that is full of collection of scents. So who hasn't yet launched such a set of "niche" scents, at least preening out from the big names? Hmmm, Yves Saint Laurent...

Pic L'express.


  1. interesting. dolce need some really good fragrances in their arsenal, I liked Sicily but it seems to be vashing and I see that Light Blue is a great scent but I smell it too much. (I also quite like the one but think it's embarasssing to wear because the name is so awful)

  2. K,

    to me it seems that apart from the mainstream line, there absolutely needs to be a specific line for specific clientele. Although I havemn't found out about distribution on those, I won't be surprised if they make it somewhat more limited, more upscale, even if the prices are not illogical.
    It seems like everyone is issuing a collection and that is irrelevant to whether their other scents are good or bad. Witness Lauder (the Private Collection stuff), Givenchy (Les Mythiques), Lancome (La Collection), Donna Karan (those cylindrical things), Prada (the boutique exclusives), Mugler (his Miroir series),Guerlain, Chanel and Hermes of course...everyone!!
    Like I said I fully expect the new brand to jump on this to be YSL...

    I believe Sicily has been discontinued, so you might want to stock up. Light Blue, I might reconsider in 10 years' time. Like you, I smell it everywhere now.

    Watch it out, there will be another post today, more personal this time. ;-)

  3. Oi.Uma tendência do momento.Entre inúmeros lançamentos também aumentam as coleções niche.
    D&G é uma grife com perfumes primorosos. Espero que os brasileiros tenham a chance de experimentar;)

    Google translator:
    Hello.A trend of the moment. Between innumerable launchings they increase the collections niche. D& G is one grife with exquisites perfumes. I wait that the Brazilians consumers have the possibility to try. ;)Elisabeth

  4. I have lately come to use several D&Gs and i wonder if those niche ones will come to Germany, one day... i would love to take a sniff. The description of the Claudia Schiffer one appeals me the most. I love the Tarot deck idea. Reminds me of the new found HBO "Carnivale" series. Dreamy yet earthy...interesting!

  5. Elisabeth,

    thanks so much for stopping by! And for taking the trouble to translate as well.

    "A trend of the moment": seems like it, doesn't it! I certainly hope they get to Brasil, as it will mean they're going for an international distribution (therefore my country too), not just the US!!

  6. N,

    I admit that the one fronted by Claudia (La Lune 18) did pique my interest as well, along with the L'Amoureux 6 with Noah Milles.

    The Tarot deck card idea could go both ways: I find it marvellously imaginative in the mainstream market and I would really want them to go all out and actually shape the advertisements based on those images (perhaps inspired by Medieval deck illustrations too?); on the other hand it might take on a too BPAL image for the classic D&G audience and alienate them, so I guess they have foreseen that and won't opt for my suggestion...
    We'll see...

  7. Clarification: When I say "mainstream market" above, I mean it's still a brand with mainstream appeal, even if they will decide to launch these in limited distribution. They're not exactly underground!

  8. The only one so far piquing my interest is the la lune 18 mainly because I have always wanted a fragrance centered around the idea of the moon and the notes sound good.

  9. Cindy18:19

    I had no idea Dolce & Gabbana was launching a whole new LINE! I just saw the ad with Naomi Cambell on metacafe: ( Which one should I get? I normally like fruity scents, but the kiwi in L'Imperatrice has me nervous.

  10. Anonymous20:17

    I'm new to this site. Did you ever post a follow-up review on this niche line? I would like to know what you think about it. Thank you.


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