Thursday, May 7, 2009

I want to be loved by you

I am overdue for an article submission so no big post today, but for your delectation some old commercials for Chanel No.5 that haven't circulated much.
Soon I will come back with an expanded historical review on No.5.
There is also an article concerning Chanel NO.5 in The Telegraph by renowned journalist Kate Shapland, which has a wonderful illustration by Richard Gray. You can read it here.

The first American commercial with Carol Bouquet by Ridley Scott:

And the French version by Bettina Rheims:
(She's saying:
You hate me, right?
Say it! Say it that you hate me.
Its a disturbing fealing, really disturbing.
Because I want you! I want you so much that I think I'm going to die...

Ah...cultural differences.


  1. It sounds better in French, LOL!

  2. I've enjoyed reading your erudite and beautifully-arranged articles immensely--you do great work here! I thought it might be worth pointing out that the French Bouquet ad is a fairly direct quotation of the notorious exchange between Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford in the film 'Gilda' (1946)--which is amusing given the stark contrast with the approach of the Ridley Scott ad, meant for the American market.

  3. K,

    it does doesn't it!!

  4. Hk,

    thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful compliment, which warms my heart.
    Indeed you're absolutely correct! How could I miss this. I have even used a photo of Glen Ford in the past on this venue. It struck me as ironic that the American version is so sunny and "happy", when they have a great tradition of films noirs to claim as their own...

    I have a small qualm whether the French version is also by R.Scott (he has done great ads for No.5 which I have included here in the past, do a search if you like) but the credit I found is for Bettina Rheims so if anyone knows any better please correct me.


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