Friday, April 17, 2009

Hanami by Ayala Moriel at Blunda Los Angeles

It all started with a poem and a blog project: In March 2008, perfumer Ayala Sender was invited along with 14 other leading perfumers in the niche perfume industry to interpret a haiku-like poem by Ezra Pound, "In A Station of the Metro" for a project titled "Perfume In A Poem" on Memory & Desire blog. One year later, Ayala Moriel releases the perfume, named Hanami, at Blunda Aromatics in Los Angeles, in the 2nd of their 8-part Natural Botanical Perfume Exhibitions.
You can read more about Hanami on this link.
What:Natural Botanical Perfumery Exhibition #2: Hanami by Ayala MorielWhen:Saturday, April 18th, 1-5pmAyala Sender will speak at 2pmWhere:Blunda Los Angeles304 South Edinburgh Ave.Los Angeles, CA, 90048RSVP: (323) 658-7507 or email: rsvp@blundaaromatics.comFollowing the exhibition, Hanami perfume will be available exclusively through Blunda and Ayala Moriel's studio @ #314-1230 Haro Street in Vancouver, and the online boutique

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