Friday, February 20, 2009

Perfumer Palette Training Programme by Cinquieme Sens

Cinquième Sens, the Paris-based with a NYC branch perfume-training organisation, is now offering a 3-hour training called “The perfumer pallet” , a short and comprehensive olfactory training allowing you to acquire, develop, or structure your olfactory skills. The program is aimed at enthusiasts and potential employees in the field alike and includes:
- Smell test
- Olfaction and emotions
- Chinese portrait of an odour memorisation tips
- Description of the Perfumer-Creator's organ
- Introduction to natural and synthetic raw materials
- Explanation of the olfactory pyramid

There are also some extras promised such as
- A fun learning module
- A short module (3 hours), adaptable
- Increased awareness of olfaction and the profession of perfumer when hiring or promoting an employee

Next session is scheduled for March 11th at 274 Madison Avenue Suite 1804, between 39th and 40th streets, New York City. Inquiries on availability and prices by tel: 212 686-4123


  1. Anonymous18:19

    This sounds wonderful. I wish there was something like this where I live! I still have difficulty identifying individual notes, mostly because I have a relatively limited scent vocabulary. Do you have any advice for someone (who doesn't have access to wonderful teaching sessions like this one) to expand their scent vocabulary?

  2. Anonymous, I recently had an experience that -- although not an official class -- was incredibly educational and really helped train my "nose." ...and it was at the Bond No. 9 counter at Saks!!! I devoted a good hour and a half there - and the Bond counter "perfumista" took me through all of their scents, taking the time to point out the different notes. It's really added to my enjoyment of perfume!! and I believe Bond is at all Saks, no?

  3. Thanks for this post! I will keep it in mind if I'm ever in New York. I too wish that we had a similar offering here in Adelaide.

  4. Thank you all and I am sure this spot is watched and perhaps something does crop up in your neck of woods soon!!

  5. Anonymous23:23

    Oh, that sounds so nice!
    I found your blog today and I just love it :-)

  6. Anonymous01:33

    Woops! I am sorry I did not see your comment. I am Laetitia and I represent Cinquieme Sens in the USA. PLease feel free to contact me at laetitia at cinquiemesens dot com and we can always arrange "flying" sessions anywhere in the US!


    Thank you


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