Saturday, February 21, 2009

Olfactory Revolution at Sisley: new fragrances

New things are brewing at Sisley, to be uncovered this coming April. According to Osmoz: "Cosmetics and fragrance brand Sisley will be launching a collection of 3 eau de toilettes {sic} christened Eau de Sisley and bearing the numbers 1, 2 and 3".

While pondering on the strange numerotic tendency among the new collection, it's not an exagerration to say that everyone in the fragrance-playing game is eager to launch a line-up collection of fragrances in similar bottles from pioneer Serge Lutens to Tom Ford private blends, Armani Privé and Guerlain L'art et la Matière collection. But Sisley had been going on a snail's pace comparatively issuing just 3 fragrances in 33 years, which is roughly one new scent every decade! Those were the initial tomato-leaf green Eau de Campagne in 1976 by Jean Claude Ellena, the rich perfume-y chypre Eau du Soir in 1990 and the more piquantly youthful fruity chypre Soir de Lune in 2006.

The new line-up has been given every bit of attention possible: "The bottles are graced with a cap designed by the Polish sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof and come in attractively colorful packaging. As for the juices, fans of green scents, spices, aromatic herbs and chypre accents will be thrilled. Although the presentation is fairly feminine, the juices themselves turn out to be perfectly unisex. Eau de Sisley 1 is a somewhat woody citrus-green chypre; Eau de Sisley 2 is an aromatic chypre with a sparkling green opening; and Eau de Sisley 3 is a piquant-mellow ginger rose that will thrill fans of Japanese cuisine. The price comes at 100 euros for 100 ml (3.4 oz.)".

Pic via Osmoz.


  1. These sound pretty good. But, though I sort of get what they mean about style, that line about thrilling fans of Japanese cuisine is very funny. Eau de Sushi! Something lost in translation, perhaps...

  2. Yes, I was just wondering what exactly about ginger-rose is thrilling to fans of Japanese cuisine?

  3. Hello, fellow angels !

    I like the sound of these...
    [Yeah, the 3rd comment is way funny, A !]
    Now, that cap is majorly ubertreiben, my friends.
    A leetle bit topheavy, perhaps ?

    Let them be nice...oh, please !

    Kisses to you, Ms. E.
    Love the writing for Sniffa mag, too.

  4. Anonymous05:02

    Sounds very interesting E! I too am intrigued by the Japanese cuisine comment. Sushi and Wasabe combined perhaps? Either way, I still love Sisley's Eau de Soir and wish they did not change the formulation. One of the best chypres available.

  5. Hi Alyssa!

    I hope they prove to be good. I was sort of going "huh?" myself, because surely neither ginger nor rose is particularly Japanese in reference, but I refrained from commenting further on that because I assumed there are other culinary notes in there (Shiso perhaps? That seems to be a new trend on this). It remains to be seen of course.

    Hope you're very well :)

  6. J hi!

    Yes, see above. It might be something else which hasn't been mentioned yet? (hmm)

  7. Hello I!

    I am hoping they're good, because I like the fact that they only have three fragrances out!! ;-)
    Isn't the cap very like the one on EdS? Yet different. About top heavy, I guess nothing beats those MCDI ones! LOL

    Hugs to you; thank you for being so sweet, honey :-))

  8. T,

    joining you in hope :-)
    Sushi and wasabi sounds perfect about now (I'm rather hungry) although a bit excessive for a personal fragrance, eh!

    Do we have a rough date on discernible reformulation on EdS? I have heard many people say so, but can't recall when they started complaining.

  9. Any word on who the nose is behind the new releases? Eau de Campagne is one of my staples for a day at the office.

  10. Scott, thanks for stopping by. No such info has been released as yet, but will surely add it as soon as available.
    Your office choice sounds wonderful for both you and your co-workers! (such an uplifting and well-mannered scent)

  11. In the 90s my husband went to Paris on a business trip. He is notoriously careful with money. However he said, "cost be damned" and went shopping on the Champs Elysees for things to bring home to me. He bought me back all sorts of things chocolates, gorgeous lingere and a bottle of Eau de Soir. He said that the women in the shop insisted saying Eau de Soir was the "it" fragrance in Paris at the moment. It was so different from anything I had ever worn and really sparked my interest in perfume and perfume types. I still love it and for sentimental reasons I decant my new larger bottle into the original one he gave me years back. I love that they are all refillable. All perfume bottles should be refillable since the majority of the cost in in the bottle.

    1. That's a touching story! Thanks for sharing.
      I do agree with the refillable option being more widely available. I suppose they're worried about tampering by unscrupulous re-sellers? That's the only valid explanation...


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