Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The winner of the Parure draw is....

....none other than VIOLETNOIR! Please email me with a mailing address, using the profile email on the right, so I can send your prize your way soon.

Thank you all for the participation and your continuous support!


  1. Nahema, I have had a tiny miniature of this fragrance since 1979 and have loved it ever since. When I first was given a chance to fall in love with this I was just out of High School and couldn't afford it. Since then I never could find it when I had the chance to look for it. I still have the miniature bottle and it still has some fragrance in it that I enjoy smelling and wishing I had more. This is great stuff but oh so hard to find.

  2. Sabes, I can feel your pain. This has happened to me with some fragrances and I have been trying to track them down over the years.

    I feel that perhaps you wanted to post this under the Nahema review entry and not under the announcement of the winner of the Parure draw, so many thanks and shall I consider you for the Nahema draw? Let me know if so. Will announce the winner this coming week. :-)


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