Monday, October 13, 2008

New Ormonde Jayne boutique at Dubai: fragrance news

Ormonde Jayne Perfumery is getting ready to open the doors to its new dazzling store in early November 2008. The breathtaking metropolis of Dubai has been chosen for the first Ormonde Jayne Boutique outside of its flagship store in London ’s Old Bond Street. The new perfumery is part of Boutique 1 in Boulevard at the newly constructed Jumeirah Beach Residence. Ormonde Jayne’s retail space will have the same design as the flagship London store and customers will be served by dedicated staff expertly trained in the brand’s unique range and philosophy.
Founder and creator Linda Pilkington will oversee every aspect of the planning and construction so that it will be a true reflection of Ormonde Jayne’s demanding standards of perfection. Luxury retail interiors specialists Caulder Moore, who created Ormonde Jayne’s spectacular new store in October 2006, have again been appointed to design the Dubai perfumery. Their vibrant design for the boutique earned a 'highly commended' mention at The Benchmarks Awards 2007.
The new store will include the distinctive bronze smoked mirrors, black laquered
testing tables and mandarin leather topped stools that feature in the flagship store. Dubai’s meteoric rise has made it the retail hub in The Gulf and Ormonde Jayne’s founder Linda Pilkington feels that it’s the right place for Ormonde Jayne first international expansion.
Ormonde Jayne was recently awarded "Brands of Tomorrow 2008" by The Walpole, a trade body for luxury companies in Britain.

All is left is the launch of a US site!


  1. Anonymous17:55

    Oh yay! I'm in Canada, and while I could order from the OJ website, I am loathe to pay the 40 or 50 dollars in duties and taxes. I don't know anyone in London, BUT I do have friends in Abu Dhabi, just down the road from Dubai, whom come back to Canada fairly often. Ormonde will be mine! **evil maniacal laughter**
    Karen G

  2. Karen,

    that's just great! I know they'll make your day then ~and welcome to Perfume Shrine, good to see you :-))

  3. Anonymous05:49

    Can you tell us which shopping mall it is going to be in? I was going to order the Frangipani perfume but I can wait if the boutique will be here soon.


  4. KarenC,

    Boutique 1 in Boulevard at the Jumeirah Beach Residence is the info I was given. Surely if you contacted they might give you more info and perhaps a telephone number to the Dubai boutique to ask directly.


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