Saturday, September 6, 2008

Reduced Prices at Neil Morris

We're pleased to bring you good news for Neil Morris fans: contrary to most firms, there is a decrease in prices, which is great if you have been contemplating getting one of those famous Vault scents (I highly recommend Dark Season, Dark Earth and Parfum d'Ida).

Here are the news from Neil's blog via his business partner David:
"Over the past several months our sales of the Vault fragrances has
steadily increased. With this increase in sales we are able to buy our raw
materials and supplies in larger quantities and discounted prices. We are also
able to make them in larger batches increasing our productivity and
efficiency. As our way of saying thanks for supporting us we are passing on some
of the savings to your our customers. We are reducing the price of our Vault
fragrances from $150.00 to $125.00 for each two ounce bottle of Parfum".

(thanks to Kristy for pointing this out to me)


  1. So sweet !

    This was something we discussed a few weeks ago-
    How to make it easier for folks to enjoy what they love.

    Thanks for the shout-out !
    Kisses to you and yours...

  2. Just in time for ChiCocoa! Sweet.

  3. Darling I,

    it's helping, I bet.
    Hugs to you, my dear!

  4. S,

    isn't it nice? :-)


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