Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hilde Soliani News: More Exclusive Stuff Available in NYC Now

You might remember that we had reported and reviewed the new exclusive niche line by Italian jewelry and fragrance designer Hilde Soliani. The magnificent Bell'Antonio, a fragrance focused on multi-nuanced aromatic tobacco and dark roasted coffee, and Vecchi Rosetti, a fragrance inspired by the Parma theatre with its waxed wooden floors and the backstage smelling of old-fashioned makeup, are now available in a few limited bottles only in New London Pharmacy in New York City. (The store also stocks the previous line by Hilde Soliani, La Mia Daisy, comprising 5 scents named after flowers and re-interpreting them in new interesting ways, which Perfume Shrine had reviewed a while ago).
I suggest you get your bottles while stocks last!

Shopping Guide:
New London Pharmacy, Inc. 246 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10011
212.243.4987 800.941.0490 Fax 212.243.7110
You can also reach New London Pharmacy with your queries on Bell'Antonio and Vecchi Rosetti using the contact form here.


  1. Thanks for posting! Just called and ordered a bottle of Bell'Antonio. The two new ones are not on the web site yet, so they have to be ordered by phone and are only available in 100 ml bottles, so twice the size of the ones now on the site. The woman I spoke with raved about the Bell'Antonio and since I can't resist tobacco scents, this seemed like a relatively safe unsniffed purchase. Can't wait to get it!

  2. Yes!!!! I have been waiting for this ever since you generously shared that sample with me, E! Will call and order in the morning. Bell'Antonio is indeed magnificent!

  3. Elle,

    welcome to Perfume Shrine and you're very welcome!
    It's indeed a very good tobacco scent, I had reviewed it (link in the post): it explores all the nuances of that wonderful smell of pipe tobacco. Hope you enjoy! (and such a big bottle too!):-)

  4. J,

    I know, isn't this piece of news wonderful? Of course not particularly of use to me personally, but how could I keep it to myself, when I know you loved Bell'Antonio so! :-))

  5. E, now you have me intrigued about Vecchi Rosetti. Can you tell me more about this? Is it worth getting some as well?

  6. It was your original review of Bell'Antonio that inspired me to buy it unsniffed - especially since your reviews of Opus Jitterbug and Ayala's Vetiver Racinettes got me to order samples of those - which I might not have otherwise - and I'm in love w/ both of them as well. I owe you belated thanks for those, especially for Ayala's VR. I am a *huge* vetiver fanatic (your series on that note was brilliant) and I think that Ayala's vetiver may be tied for my favorite vetiver of all time w/ MH's Vetiver Bourbon.

  7. Oh, even better then, Elle!! I am overjoyed that it has produced such successful results for you! *clapping hands in excitement* (and the Vetiver series isn't over yet so you're in for another treat; got sidetracked from so many new releases...LOL)

  8. J,

    have you ever smelled Diptyque's Bois Ciré candle? VR has that waxed, polished floor smell along with an alcoholic-waxy smell of pan makeup. It's rather good, especially at drydown (mmmm).

  9. Anonymous19:56

    After reading your description of Bell´Antonio I also got intrigued by the scent, not at least because of the associations it brought because of your vivid presentation.
    Do you know where outside Italy in Europe it is sold? I have tried to find out myself, but without any luck..

  10. I don't have any concrete info on that, dear S, Hilde only told me about the NLP store in US; but you should definitely mail her directly (her email addy is included in the BA review) and ask more info or order that way ;-)
    (practical, isn't it?)

  11. Anonymous22:49

    Squeal!!! I just read this and immediately had to order - I love tobacco scents. The lady I spoke to said they had only one bottle left, and I got it for 20% off since they were having a promotion on Hilde scents. Double squeal!! Thank you so much. :-)

  12. Tara, you're very, very welcome. It's really great, think you'll enjoy it.
    And wow, should have asked for commission, I'm missing my calling here! LOL! :P

  13. Wait, Tara -- did you order from NLP and get 20% off on Hilde scents?

  14. Anonymous22:49

    Yes I did - the web site page of Hilde scents said they were having a 20% off special, and when I called to order (since Bell'Antonio is not on the web site) she extended the 20% discount to it as well. Yippee! Saved me $35.


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