Thursday, July 17, 2008

Globalisation-Indie Businesses: what's the score?

This tidbit of info and the very interesting video was brought to my attention by Anya from Anya's Garden.

I am not much of a Perfumaria (Passionaria of perfume, a term coined by yours truly) and in my life I have often being scolded of being a jaded aristocrat discussing the plight of the world from her couch ~which is not good karma if you think about it!~, but I thought this needed all the support it could get.
Perfume Shrine after all has always been for supporting small artisanal businesses and it would pain me if you were deprived of the choice to give them your business should you choose to.

I urge you to watch the video and read the post and, if you agree, to sign the petition. Just hurry, before the deadline for passing the signatures to the law-making body expires!


  1. I was watching this and I saw Estee Lauder appear infront of me and she was spinning in her grave - so was Helena Rubinstein and Liz Arden. All started as little one women home business's . Mmmmm
    I have to say Helg, this lady is wasted - I think she could run for president - I would vote for her over Hilary or anyone else if I was a US citizen! LOL
    She was great!

  2. Exactly, M!!
    I am sure she would appreciate the support, she is one smart cookie and she knows how to present her case, doesn't she?


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