Friday, March 7, 2008

What do you want?

Off again for a bit, but I am leaving you with a Poll cum Contest to discuss among yourselves.

"What would you like to read next" is the subject and you can vote in the upper right on the sidebar, just above my profile.


To make this extra juicy and get to the Contest part, I am challenging you into thinking about your choice and letting us know how you came to your final decision. The wittiest comment wins a generous decant of a niche fragrance!
Although the votes will be calculated only once, you can come back and read readers' comments and try to outdo them numerous times!

So.....À bientôt mes amis!

Pic sent to me unacredited (I believe it's from the Lavazza campaign, but not sure)


  1. Anonymous21:15

    Hi Helg
    Nothing shuts me up like a challenge to be witty...But i voted for a new series, just because I've learned so much from all the others.

  2. I want to follow your nose around, so I voted for a travel post.

  3. at 5 in the morning and knowing i have to get up in 4 hours, what ELSE could i vote for but chocolate and coffee??

  4. Hey, I want to experience far off and exotic locations through YOUR nose! So I choose travel memoirs.

  5. Anonymous16:30

    I voted for series, because I am a beginner in the world of scents and I am so clever after reading your articles. :-) But at the same time I have a short memory, so it is great to come back and read some things again and find new things here.
    No matter what will win, all 4 possibilities are great.

  6. Anonymous21:39

    I voted for a new series; History Of Perfume and the great perfumers of bourgois society.

    Wealthy Greeks were buried with a small bottle of their favorite scent, while poor ones were often buried with a picture of such a bottle painted on their caskets!!

  7. Anonymous09:30

    I am voting for the scents of your travels because i love to travel myself and everytime i come back i learn which scents have impressed me the most or come back to my mind when recalling the days gone past. Also i do choose very carefully my "anchor" fragrance, the one i am taking with me (besides some samples for "emergencies"), when going on a journey...

  8. Anonymous17:28

    I chose "a new series" because you are a *serial killer* of all of my bank funds with my ever-growing list of lemmings induced by a Miss Helg of a certain blog.

    I also thought it would be wise for you to choose it because if it were up to the general public (based on sales of fragrances in the U.S.) your series would have to be on "The Twenty Different Ways One Can Smell Like a Carnie" featuring the many celebrity interpretations of cotton candy, caramel filled doughnuts covered in mangosteen and toasted toffee milk, fruity fruitness, and maybe feature a niche fragrance... does CB make a Corn Dog Accord?

    ~Rachel aka sabregoddess on MUA

  9. Anonymous10:10

    Travel mementos are my choise. because, "in the vicinity of the art work (here: perfumes), we are suddenly somewhere else than we usually tend to be" (Heidegger). Virtual travelling in daydreams fed by sensations gives ordinary days vivid colors and are nice way to nurture moods, feelings, and cognitions, intermingling and crossing over into real lived life. When it comes to this, nostrills are as important as eyes and ears! :-)Would be very nice to read about your perfume and non-perfume olficationary experiences from places and athmospheres

  10. I voted for chocolate & coffee. Nature's perfect food and beverage. Why not wear them too? :D

  11. Those are great (keep them coming if you want to!) and I am looking forward to the results of the poll, which is still open.

  12. Anonymous20:58

    One associates with the comforts of a home town by scents: the particular composition of fuel burnt as exhaust blending with the smell of humanity. Bear left into a building and inhale the air that is at once cool yet musty, tinged lightly with the smell of feet. Emerge out and enter a bazaar where the smell of pastries tumbles over the aroma of fruit ripening over the afternoon sun. Helg, I invite you to travel to the city of my birth and experience such lushness and recount to us the scents you associated with them.

  13. Anonymous06:06

    I voted for the Travel Memories idea. With any luck, you will have been somewhere I have always wanted to go and I can live vicariously by reading about it - an art I have mastered over the years, being of vivid imagination and little coin.

  14. A series on carnation would be decidedly lovely (am I allowed to suggest something else?). It is such a complex note, and not always the most approachable one, and though it has its habitués it is often overshadowed by the more sociable florals. I have only begun to explore carnation, sometimes in lovely counterpoint to the equally troublesome leather, but especially its Janus-like ability to be both hot (Poivre) and cold (Normandie), and it would be a delight to wander through the garden of your opinions, which pretty much sums up what it's like to read your blog.

  15. Anonymous14:50

    Hi Helg!
    I voted for "New series on a particular theme". One thought that came to my mind was how literature and scent can be connected: for example if something you read brings to mind a particular fragrance or scent memory, and vice versa. Perfumes can tell stories (good ones do, anyway!) and are grounded in some historical context--just like literature. I love to read, and sometimes I find myself "matching" (or counteracting!) my perfume to the mood or historical context of what I'm reading...
    I love finding links between seemingly unrelated objects and concepts!
    Great poll. It's fun and very thought-provoking. Thank you!

  16. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and ideas.
    The poll is officially closed now.

    I have taken notes of everything you have suggested and will return with articles on the subjects which you so kindly delineated.


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