Thursday, November 26, 2015

At the Moment

It looks like contrary to what Humphrey Bogart said we won't always have Paris after all. For a Europhile to the core like myself this is a heavy blow. Alas it tinges my thoughts but I'm sure many will agree.
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The At the Moment column is usually a way of distraction via description but this little bit lately is resisting distraction. It's hard to avoid thinking what comes next after the 23/11 terrorist attacks in the heart of Europe. Paris has long seemed like the stronghold of peaceful discource between opposing cultures though I'm sure the banlieux have been having their own share of "civil war" from time to time. It's shocking to hear the news and the escalation involving even more countries. I'm crossing fingers and toes and wish I had as many arms as the goddess Kali to be able to wish the terrors away.


Perhaps not unjustly my thoughts ran to Virginia Woolf and her Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid. Just finished Letter to a Young Poet though which had been a long while in waiting. Her essay on poetry is most enjoyable to read and think about. Especially when she intones how poetry (life really) should get out of the autistic self and unto the others. (And yes I do get the irony of saying that just as I'm writing about my own self and what occupies me on this post). Next I'm planning on getting an education on the Marvel classics.


We've been having the warmest November I can recollect. A light jacket is plenty and I often find myself removing it at noon! I'm on a steady diet of pashminas over lightweight cotton sweaters and long-sleeved T-shirts with blanket scarves. I do lack an animal printed one (so hot this season) and this one from Asos seems to fit the bill.
I'm aching for some cold though I know many will be thinking of the increased cost in central heating. As it is we have not used central heating yet.

I also need a new evening clutch. This Colette frame clutch by Hobo in shade frost ticks two trend boxes in one: fringe and grey. It also looks roomy enough to hold a wallet and keys plus a cell phone.


I've been wearing neglected Orientals lately (and will be devoting a post to my favorite ones soon).
One of them I will whet your appetite with is Cinema eau de parfum by Yves Saint Laurent. Who would have thought back in 2004 that this mimosa and almond floriental would seem almost austere compared with the tsunami of sweet vanillic things to follow?


Maybe because of Paris I'm revisiting Barbara. I'm especially touched by this song of hers Sans Bagages.

And I'm leaving you with a Greek song by Cretan musician Yannis Haroulis: Άιντε και Ξέχασα.
(And hey I've forgotten)

A black stone rolled and woke life up
and we're escaping from closed windows like the shadows
and all we never dared do we throw to the fire
to warm up our dreams our hands our hugs.


  1. I'm always here... reading, listening, learning. Never writing. But this post is special. I think it just captured how I feel at the moment. We have been here before. History is littered with examples of people willing destruction on others who are building beauty and freedom in their lives and this world. However much it shocked us all. Those who will destruction and death will go down in the well worn historic path of losers. But beauty.... we'll keep on building it. And it will never go away. It's an idea too potent to be overcome. So let's keep on promoting beauty. Aesthetics. Culture and Freedom and we will win. Every. Time. Chin up. Great post. Will try Cinema. Thanks for Barbara's song. It's marvellous! :) x

  2. The after thoughts of the tragedy in Paris have been of all kinds, far too much media talk, however I am moved to see that love and hope arise from the terror and pain. I do believe that love will finally conquer the pain and terror and hate to win the battle. Let us all do a small act of love. Thanks for the reading inspirations, they are charged on my kindle for next reading session!

  3. I am reading my chosen blogs and Youtube's as I have been on holiday in Tasmania and I still have not kept up to date with them all .... I do not have a lot either :)

    Today on the radio I hear that they are having the funerals for many of the young people in Paris .... have heard the French Presidents speech ...amongst the sadness of it all I think "why and will it end?"
    Listening to my radio so I keep up with local and world news and now listening to Barbara's song - what a beautiful voice Helg !
    Ilke Claudia above ..... I must give Cinema a try again !
    Wearing hot and cold clothing .... very changeable weather here at the moment .
    As its a bit chilly I am wearing Mitsouko .
    I hope I find you well Helg :)


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