Thursday, June 11, 2015

Christopher Lee: 1922-2015

The defining voice of British horror and the towering stature are no more.
Here Christopher Lee is reading one of the best tales by an American dreamer...

A small piece of everyone's heart in childhood just died.

And in the following clip, one of my personal favorites, also American born and in great comical shape, pays a tribute to the handsome Sir Christopher.


  1. I was listening to a radio station where I live Helg and the guy said he played golf with Christopher Lee some time ago (late 70's I think ) . He said that he corrected his pronunciation ! LOL
    He said he was very overcome with his presents at the golf course as he was in his early 20's back then - Oh , Christopher Lee was a good golfer by the way ! LOL .

    1. That's such a cute story, thanks for sharing!! :-)

  2. I love the clip from "This Is Your Life" and wonder how society changed from that to a "celebrity roast" where each guest tries to outdo the other in gross stories and put-downs of the "honoree"...


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