Wednesday, June 10, 2015

At The Moment

Oddly enough June hasn't yet scorched us like I expected, which is a good thing. Dipping my body in the sea for prolonged stretches of time is of course a remedy of the first magnitude, a true baptism.
So far so good, nevertheless, so I am sharing with you some of my latest discoveries and treats. And please feel free to share yours too, in the comments below the post!



Remember how we used to knot the edge of our baggy T-shirts back in the 80s to imitate our pop idols? It seems like there's a ready made solution out there to have the look without the fuss. This Asos slouchy top with twisty front gave me a good jolt of recollection and made me smile. It also goes with everything.

I also wear a straw fedora for days spent in the sun or when out and about in the city. (Don't look at me that way. We have to wear sunglasses in the wintertime as well, in Athens.)
This one by David Young, found on Nordstorm, is perfect.


Nabokov's Speak Memory, a stylized autobiography. It's not only the language that is marvelous, it's the merging of cultures in a complex childhood which leaps off the page.


Latest discovery has been that elusive perfect sunscreen (at least for now, don't know about next year): photo-stable, very high protection (SPF60), mostly mineral filters to reduce inflammation, waterproof to withstand sweat, light tint to avoid the Casper look, smooth texture, no irritating or pore-blocking ingredients. It's Filteray Face SPF 60 Tinted Cream by Coverderm in shade Light Beige.

On my nails and toenails I'm sporting this gorgeous fuchsia-pink nail polish, shade Watermelon (#31456) from Oriflame's seasonal The One collection.


I have occupied myself with covers these days.
Trifono (aka, "3 voices" in Greek) hereby sing, almost completely a capella, a classic Greek song by Mikis Theodorakis in a quite memorable way.

And I still think that AHA's (remember them?) rendition of the golden standard of the Everly Brothers is very very good indeed.


I've been wearing a hell of a lot my Antaeus (Chanel) and Gomma (Etro) lately. The onset of heat usually means I bring out these leathers and the fang-like acid green chypres. Bandit eau de parfum by Piguet is the logical bridge between the two and that gets a lot of mileage as well.

Eating and Drinking

Addicted to cornichons (what the British call gherkins I believe) which I put into everything, notably potato salad and salmon sandwiches. (Love the spice-blend brine!).
I'm also drinking iced cider for a spike of fruity freshness and enjoy the sunny togetherness too!

What are you enjoying at the moment? 
Please share in the comments!


  1. Anonymous16:43

    Love that woman pulling a gun!

    Wearing, Agnes b spring summer tops and dresses, Céline mini luggage handbag in ink color, I'm obsessed with it, best daytime handbag ever.
    I'm trying to find it in white but I'm torn, I love the new fall winter collection, they look great.

    Reading, James Ellroy Perfidia, James Salter All that is, Jody Azzouni Talking about NOTHING : Numbers, Hallucinations and Fictions

    Drinking, Sancerre, Muscadet

    Perfuming, La Panthère, Adieu Sagesse, Normandie Divine Folie, Narcisse Noir, all vintage, just bought on ebay 1950's Ma Griffe in memoriam to Madame Carven.

    Music, Beethoven Triple Concerto, Brahms Double Concerto, Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Fricsay, has been reissued by Deutsche Grammophon on the Legendary Recordings series. Definitely a must-have CD!

    Travel, going to Paris in July of course! I can't wait!


    1. Agnes B makes some great casual and every day things, so not surprised, it's a Euro staple.
      Ink is an interesting choice of color for a daytime handbag as those usually come in black or tan, I personally find those versatile but ultimately rather boring.
      Nothing down the book recs, not familiar with either, though an Ellroy fan.

      Isn't La Panthere among the best new releases? Loved it, it's elegant and "there" without being in your face and never stuffy. I was saddened to hear of Carven's passing, though it had to happen one of these days....

      Those double and triple things are just the thing, eh? Bach's double is a classic and DG has some great recordings anyway. I also like St.Martin in the Fields recordings.

      Hope you have a great time in Paris!! (Grab a bottle of L'Eau Trois, it's become a boutique exclusive)

  2. wearing: silk tanks, grey linen trousers, black pearls...been wearing the heck out of those lately. just bought a pair of higher-waisted lightweight denim sailor pants at H & M, with a stripey cropped tee; not sure how i feel about the return of higher waists, so i'll try it out with those. long, sweeping linen skirts. a white linen above-knee dress that i wear with a vintage indian print vest and long necklaces. i need a straw fedora like the one you show---i loathe hats, but being allergic to every sunscreen ever made, and disliking sunglasses, i really should make friends with some kind of lid.

    reading: "the golden bowl", at the moment, among other, more 'edifying' things.

    beauty: that pink polish you show is so lovely! i'm not normally a pink person, but that one is just so right. i've been wearing a lot of purples---violet, lavender metallic, rosa mexicana. and a fun holographic gold.

    listening: various folk music from all over the world. kind of obsessed with women's polyphonic singing lately. and the cocteau twins, for some reason.

    perfume: chypres on the hotter days. mitsouko today, because it's a grey, wistful day. shalimar in evenings, often. there's a tokyo milk "alcheny" set i've been using; the individual vials are rather unappealing to me, but mixed all together they make a strange, flinty scent i quite like, which seems to antidote hot humid days.

    eating and drinking: fennel/onion/feta salad with lemon, olive oil, and sumac on top. spiced lentils. home-made pastas sauced with various farmer's market inspirations. cherries. minerally sancerre, sonoma pinot noir "bewitched", a leathery-raisiny spanish red i can't recall the name of, campari & soda. moroccan mint tea all day long...

    i always enjoy reading what you and other commenters are wearing and doing!

    1. LOVE your clothes and food choices! That's the reason I make these posts, to enjoy what others are doing and get inspired. :-)

      I quite like the idea of using mixed vials together. CK did a kit for Truth which I remember fondly. Flinty sounds about right for heat!!

      Are you familiar with this?
      Eerie. We've got polyphonic in the Balkans and it's heart wrenching because it's usually laments. This is "lighter".

  3. Clover02:50

    To stick with the formula-

    Wearing: Pajamas as much as possible. Otherwise, slouchy linen pants and a breezy shirt.

    Reading: Perfume blogs and children's books to my two and a half year old. La Tortilla Corredora (The Spanish Gingerbread Man- only it's a tortilla!)

    Beautifying: I am managing to exfoliate, use sunscreen, and use some humidity fighting hair products. For hair product- current favorite is L'Oreal Sleek It heat iron mist. I have tried many expensive products and this works as well as any of them at a fraction of the price.

    Listening: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Pandora station. NPR.

    Perfuming: Getting my jollies from CVS's Essence of Beauty master perfumer (whatever that really means) line of body mists. I'm a stay at home mom right now trying to start a business, so disposable income is tight. I'm liking Modern Floral and In Your Arms. If I spray with enough concentration, I actually get quite a bit of longevity- even better than some edps and edts I have. Nothing groundbreaking about these, but they are kind of fun. Also been milking a sample of Atelier Cologne Cedre Atlas. For Mother's Day I got a full bottle of Bronze Goddess (perhaps old hat to many experienced perfumistas, but rather new to me and the price was right- I like how it kind of smells like BO- but in the best way possible).

    Eating/Drinking: I can't wait to get to the farmer's market which is in my neighborhood tomorrow- that always inspires. I made a kick-ass couscous salad with lemon vinaigrette the other day. Also discovered a great place near home for pupusas- my husband is Salvadoran, so we are always on the lookout for the best ones. Drinking iced tea non-stop. We are an alcohol free home, but I miss wine and would go for a crisp, unoaked Chardonnay or a smooth Spanish Rioja.

    Ah- the glamorous life I lead. Love reading what others are into during these hotter months. Enjoy the Summer!

    1. Sounds like a full life to me!!!

      (Love your reading ritual, I also find it very important and will look for the book you mention, might be available locally).

      PLEASE share the humidity defying hair products! The weather in Athens has turned humid and it's annoying me to no end.

  4. Miss Heliotrope03:35

    Your seasons are the wrong way around...

    Am wearing wool & thick socks. Putting Trilogy's organic rosehip oil on my face, and playing with Chanel 22 & 31 Rue Cambon.

    Reading: Woolf, again. & eyeing Joyce. & my nephew's Asterix comics are reminding me of old friends...

    Drinking: hot apple cider with spices & lemon zest.

    & listening: the Peatbog Faeries' latest album, Blackhouse, is as fabulous as everything else they've done - celtic/techno/folk/dance with extras...

    1. Ah.......I like winter, you know. If only it was more wintery sometimes. Though I appreciate the Greek summer, it does have my body manifesting sometimes: redness, frizziness, the occasional "ouch" from mosquito bites I forget and scratch, not to mention outside annoyances like those pests that shall not be named....

      Joyce has become our personal inside pattern. I leafed through the soap reference the other day, just because we discussed it.

  5. So you go for mineral sunscreen? So far I'm fine with chemical. I'm experimenting with La Roche Posay anthelios AOX serum (as a serum, it's not creamy). But I'm in town so exposure to sun is never too long.

    For the rotation of oils for the shower, I ended the rotation of Ylang and moved to the fresher Iris (Le Labo, that is). But I'm alternating with Malle Eau de Magnolia shower gel, which came out recently. The smell always reminds me of Diorissimo. I suspect a purchase of the perfume is in the near future...

    1. I was fine with chemical until I discovered that 1) some of the chemicals were so loaded with alcohol that my coming and going redness was flaring up and 2) that Avobenzone -one of the popular filters in hardcore sun protection- can't handle a light dusting of face powder (essential in the humid heat). So.....

      I don't quite remember the Le Labo iris, I need to get my samples out. I think Magnolia has a link with the lemony freshness to Diorissimo's top note, which is also kinda lemony. You're absolutely right! Enjoy!

  6. Anonymous05:54

    Ive just returned to Aus winter and to work after a trip to Morocco, so back to reality.
    Wearing: work uniform, black knee high uggboots, yoga pants, flanelette shirts mostly.
    Reading: Dolores Cannon. Watching: just finished Outlander.. still a bit in shock!
    Perfume: a heck of a lot of MPG Ambre Dore, and also lots of fresh, vibrant scents like Diptyque Virgilio and MH Fleurs de Sel.
    Eating: lots of soup, fruit, yoghurt. Avoiding bread after 4wks of eating my body weight in bread in Morocco. Trying to lose those holiday kilos i put on having fun! :)
    Listening to my old Nick Cave also! And DePedro, Pugsley Buzzard, The Eels.
    I was thinking about taking a dip in the ocean, but that might just be more crazy than invigorating :-/

    1. Cave is a firm favorite on these pages, I approve, ladies!

      Noting down your diet course, have you noticed any shift yet? I need to lose as well this summer. Swimming is certainly beneficial and slimming (for me at least) but I can see how in wintertime (and in Oz) it's kinda risky.

  7. At the moment, I'm waiting for the last week of June as I'll be off for a week then and enjoy the sun and the sea. And that's basically it. :)

    1. Ah, that's good news! May you enjoy your holidays to the last bit, Ines! :-)


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