Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tom Ford Fragrance Discontinuations & Relaunches

The fragrance line by Tom Ford, especially the Private Blend collection which is much more expensive and exclusive in distribution, has always been the object of the "offer and demand" laws of the market, setting out to discontinue what doesn't appeal so much and keep the best-sellers in the permanent collection.

In that regard our latest information coming from distributors for a major chain in Canada includes news of discontinuations and relaunches.

Specifically the following are discontinued/relaunched in different packaging:

Lavender Palm
Arabian Wood
Black Violet 
White Suede (white bottle) is relaunched in the brown bottle series*
Oud Wood (brown bottle) is relaunched in the grey bottle series*
Ombre de Hyacinth
Lys Fume
Jonquille de Nuit

and oddly enough also Violet Blonde is being discontinued (as per the same source), a perfume which was part of the mainstream collection in the familiar "Black Orchid" style bottles.
If you love any of the axed fragrances, now is the time to stock up!

The relaunches do not consist of a reformulation, but of a repackaging, meaning the juice remains the same. An educated guess also foresees the change of Cafe Noir into the brown bottles later on.

More inside news on the availability of fragrances from other brands on the very next post on these pages!


  1. Maria17:33

    My heart missed a bit when I read 'discontinuations', but so far so good. I'm his mass audience, obviously :)

    1. No, you are not alone. I have so many of his fragrances, many of which are now discontinued.

  2. Ashley02:02

    I wonder where to even purchase Black Violet; I have looked for it and it appears to be sold out everywhere already.

  3. I wish they'd rather get out less stuff and worked more on each. Many of the perfumes in the private line are interesting and have good bits, but fall short of bottle worthiness for me. The nonprivate ones feel better worked out, if perhaps less interesting, on average.

    For instance, I liked a lot the beginning of the hyacinth and of the narcissus, but then after a while the drydown was much less interesting.


  4. Maria,

    ah…you're lucky then! :-)

  5. Ashley,

    I have some for splitting if you're interested in a quite large decant. Please email me directly using Contact for details.

  6. M,

    excellent breakdown as always. I like quite a bit a few of the PBs but the prices are less than welcoming. I did manage to get a dram bottle for one of them, though, so I'm satisfied.
    The mainstream line is well thought out no doubt and this is reflected in the sales. They do very well, from what I hear.

    PS. I haven't thanked you enough for your "surprises" and emails. Will write to tell you more about why and my apologies in the interim for the lack of correspondence.

  7. Anonymous11:05

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