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News on Availability of Guerlain and Annick Goutal Fragrances

A while ago it had been openly discussed that some fragrances in the Annick Goutal line were being dropped off the collection, right when there was a major overhaul of the entire brand reflected in repackaging. This isn't unusual in this day and age and indeed the original Goutal line had already seen the demise of a few of the initial scents for better or for worse. However for at least one among the more recent releases which went missing, I'm referring particularly to Mon parfum Cheri par Camille (a tribute of the daughter to the mother) the argumentation presented always seemed rather non sensical to me.

As per one sales assistant "Mon Parfum Cheri was really disliked by the normal Annick Goutal customer" and therefore it wasn't restocked. The logic went that the "normal" AG customer goes for light, floral or subtly gourmand fragrances that are feminine in a romantic, young and ethereal style (so enter Petite Cherie, Eau de Charlotte, Quel Amour and the like) and Mon Parfum Cheri being a retro chypre it had no chance. Looking down on current tastes is a very popular past-time on perfume boards but it can backfire.
On topic: then how does one account for Goutal's Passion, for Tuberose Passion, for Grand Amour and for Heure Exquise, not to mention Ambre Fetiche in the Orientalistes sub-line which are nothing but? They were all remaining in the main line with no wavering (they were prominently displayed on the Goutal website), donning their new dresses of a bottle and label like the rest of them as if it was nobody's business. The limited distribution pattern (another offer of an explanation) also made no sense, since the US launch of the newest fragrances had been made with enough fanfare to justify an interest in the particular market which would be deemed silly to nullify just a few short months later.
behold Perfume Shrine's photographic evidence of what we're claiming!

At the time I had offered the explanation that the house was busy reformulating the fragrances (at their own cost, as is the custom) so that they could meet with the impending IFRA restrictions effective immediately, whenever they were able to. If that was possible from a technical point of view, any missing stock was simply a matter of practicalities requiring for the new bottles to be somewhat delayed.

I'm glad to see that I was mostly correct. The new Mon Parfum Cheri par Camille is proudly displayed at stockists who sell the revamped collection by Goutal and it looks like it won't be any more limited in distribution than it originally was, which is to say widely available (120 euros for 100ml).
The photo included in this post above showcases the new packaging. You can see the old packaging just below.
the old packaging…more suggestive thank to the color of bottle, though

In what concerns Guerlain, I have great news concerning one of their latest fragrances: the much loved Terracotta Le Parfum (fragrance review included on this link), France's answer to the best-selling status of the Bronze Goddess fragrance industry by Lauder, I have the privilege of very exciting news! Although the tropical creamy floral was launched as a limited edition for summer 2014 (and therefore hard to come by now that perfumistas have been stampeding to get their little paws on a bottle), the scent has sold enough that Guerlain headquarters are considering it of a potential permanent addition to the collection. If you are therefore interested in making this come true indeed, do seek it out, contacting your favorite Guerlain sales assistant, emailing the Guerlain PR service and contacting the Paris flagshipm so that the Terracota Le Parfum scent becomes available next summer and all the subsequent summers as well…

You can thank me later and you're very welcome.


  1. I did get a bottle of Terracotta, and liked it for a summer frag, so this is exciting news. I have noticed that nowhere can it be found now. Thanks for letting us know. J.

  2. I didn't pursue terracotta just because it was limited and Spain didn't get it I have the old look Mon parfum Cheri which I adore and I'm very excited it's back, just wish it was the edt. Now, I'd love to see Les orientalistes in the godron bottle again! Tnx for the heads up!

  3. J,

    I thought it was nicely done as well. Good for them, good for us too.
    It was important to notify people about this, because it had many fans who were left hanging seeking out a bottle. Now that they can put that energy into actually having this stay. :-)

  4. A,

    good news since it looks like with enough interest they will consider issuing more Terracotta bottles.

    As to the Goutal line, it's good news, though I am certain they won't bring back the old packaging in the Orientalistes (the men's squarish bottles were perfect for them, weren't they?). Oh well, thanks for small favors I guess.

  5. I do love the new look as well, and the bottles are equally elegant. The godron even more so. But my Ambre Fetiche is running low and I do love that black bottle as if it held a mysterious elixir. Oh well, as long as they don't discontinue the darker scents I'm happy!

  6. The Ambre is safe, no worries. The Myrrhe was pulled but we'll see if they relaunch eventually.

    I have hopes since they relaunched the Vetiver (surely a very unique take) and Eau de Monsieur (though a bit thinned on the moss). Now if only they bring back Eau de Fier too in all its tarry glory… ;-)

  7. Hopefully soon ;-), there's some revival of older perfumes in some brands which gives me hope!

  8. i'm glad they are keeping the ambre fetish and some of the older scents in the goutal line-up. i'm a bit concerned about the effect of regulation compliance on things, especially the mon parfum cheri, but it's better than losing them entirely, i suppose. i won't miss the myrrhe ardent, which never quite worked on me, but i love the encens flamboyant to put in my hair, clothing, & to layer with other things. that stuff should come in a bottle the size of a cleaning product sprayer...but more elegant, of course.

    nice to hear also that guerlain may be responsive to their customers' interest in the terracotta.

  9. This is good news about the Goutal and I did like the Mon Cheri one!

    I love the Guerlain Terracotta and might just buy a bottle soon.

  10. I've also heard Myrrhe Ardente is being discontinued.... should we dismiss that rumor too? I bought a backup bottle of Mon Parfum Cheri... So I probably have more than I'll ever need.. lol. It does work on me very well, though.

  11. annemarie02:50

    Well I might just stock up with a decant of MPCPC, on this strength of this - many thanks for the news! I stopped at the sample stage because I did not want to fall in love too deep. I might try the EDT this time though, as there is some very serious patchouli in the EDP.

  12. madeleine gallay14:35

    Oh thank you, just found Passion on Amazon (let it be real please) ...

  13. Anonymous18:34

    This is such good news-thank you for it! I just bought Nuit Etoilee, and love it. Love the blue bottle, too. I am amazed at the scent-i thought it would be much more extreme. It's just gorgeous. I smell some of Mandragore's mint and anise, some of the pine from the Noel candles, and that beautiful pure citrus from Eau d'Hedrien and Eau de sud. I bought it partly becuase i thought it was being discontinued-glad to hear most of the line is intact.

    i also bought Piguet's Calypso, and Douglas Hannant. i read your Calypso review-I will try these tomorrow, and see how they fare. Do you like them, Helg?
    Have a good afternoon,

  14. Anonymous17:38

    I will admit, I had thought perhaps Mon Parfum Cheri was too edgy for AG, and I'm glad YOU were right! That's great news about the Guerlain, too. nozknoz

  15. NFS,

    ha, good idea on the larger size of EF! I love incense and find that its cooling, serene properties add a lot to one's living quarters.
    I miss Myrrhe to be honest. It was my favorite alongside Musc. Am well stocked, but when that runs out…

    Great on the Guerlain considering making this a summer edition for every summer, agree.

  16. M,

    the MPC was so strong on patchouli that one would think it's right on trend! ;-)

    Every sale of the Terracotta convinces them there's potential, so it's a vote by wallet. LOL!

  17. F,

    alas, Myrrhe has disappeared. It's no rumor. Whether they will re-issue at some point (like they did with Vetiver or Eau de Monsieur) is to be seen…

    Good on you on the Cheri!

  18. AMC,

    good point!!!! Do try it!

  19. Carole,

    I think what I miss most in the new packaging is the exquisite color of some of the bottles… (NE among them…)

    My review here of Calypso is of the vintage, please note. I haven't smelled the DH yet.

  20. Madeleine,

    I just love Passion and the tantalizing whiff og a bit of camphor with the white florals. Enjoy!

  21. Noz,

    honestly, with patchouli SUCH a major trend, it'd be odd for MPC to be too edgy.


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