Monday, March 10, 2014

New fragrance editions from Ramon Monegal and Acqua di Parma

Spanish perfumer Ramon Monegal has been commissioned to produce an exclusive fragrance for Bloomingdale's Dubai, called Dubai Next to Me, a special edition of 50ml eau de parfum in a specially decorated box. The fragrance aims to marry the magic of the traditional Arabic perfumery with some Spanish flair, via its Spanish leather touch. The top of Dubai Next to Me contains notes of fruits (coconut, peach, melon) alongside spices (Spanish saffron, nutmeg and black pepper), while the heart is floral and resinous with jasmine, rose (oil and absolute), frankincense and labdanum. The base is resting on woody notes (oud, sandalwood) with a leather touch as well as musk, tonka bean and ambraceme absolute.

Acqua di Parma on the other hand is issuing a 75ml bottle of their Acqua Nobili across the range of the female fragrances: Gelsomino, Magnolia and Iris.

There is also a Special Edition of Gelsomino Nobile, the fragrance in an exquisite refillable bottle (above) with hand-drawn features, fine engraving and 24K gold silk-screen-print. You can watch a video of the production process on this link.  The fragrance formula remains the same.

info via respective press releases, rephrased by me.


  1. secondfloor17:12

    Sounds lovely! What is ambraceme? I can't find any information on this ingredient.

  2. S,

    they do.
    I deduce it's an ambergris synthetic. I haven't found it under this name either.

  3. Miss Heliotrope00:08

    I found that list of fruit "coconut, peach, melon" a bit wrong for me.

    I like coconut - I have Coqui Coqui's coconut scent which works well over sunblock for summer. I adore the peachy impressions of Mitsouko. I know melon is used a lot, but it's not my thing. BUT, the three together dont blend for me - I know they could all be associated with summer, but I read peach as temperate & the other two as tropical,and it just confuses me. Maybe my problem is more culinary than perfumery, and it is my problem, but still...

    The rest seems nice.

  4. Never in my olfactory life have I heard of ambraceme absolute. Is it an absolute in the sense of an extracted substance or just an aroma chemical with a fancy name?

  5. Is it only me or does the name Dubai next to me evoke rectal alpinism towards a certain market?

    I'm going to get more Acqua di Parma, though. Thanks for reminder.

  6. ΜΗ,

    ha, I think they'd mingle well, because the raw materials bring on different facets than the ones we associate with the actual fruits (coconut and peach are both lactonic and derive from lactones in perfumery, whereas melon is an aqueous note and that could work well too in the mix). I suppose I'll know when I smell it (soon, I have had some connections working to this end;)

  7. Κ,

    I believe it's a fancy synth. I will confirm though before reviewing.

  8. L,

    everyone has their eye on the Middle East, if only because there's an orgiastic market for perfume there. (Their other eye is on Brazil)


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