Saturday, March 8, 2014

Guerlain's Mademoiselle Guerlain & Eau de Cashmere: new fragrances

In a christening that strongly recalls Chanel (and their ultra-successful Coco Mademoiselle) Guerlain is reissuing one of their past fragrances in their Les Parisiennes collection sold at Guerlain boutiques in the classic bee bottles.

Alongside this May's Guerlain Muguet 2014, summer will see Mademoiselle Guerlain take her stand proudly alongside the other re-issues in the Parisiennes collection, such as Cherry Blossom, Mon Precieux Nectar or Liu (the collection also includes L'Heure de Nuit which isn't a re-issue so much as a reinterpretation/modernisation of the iconic L'Heure Bleue).

The fragrance is a rebottling of a briefly circulating version of La Petite Robe Noire, in fact called La Petite Robe Noire Modele No.2, which consisted of different fragrant notes than the original La Petite Robe Noire (which continues to be sold very successfully in declinations of Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Extrait and La Petite Robe Noire Couture eau de parfum, all slightly different from each other). We're therefore talking about a renaming. Mademoiselle Guerlain, aka the former La Petite Robe Noire Modele no.2, comprises perfume notes of orange blossoms, marshmallow, galbanum, orris, leather accord and musk. (I can see die-hard boutique-only Guerlain-o-philes up in arms about the marshmallow note and the pink hue! You can read a review of La Petite Robe Noire Modele no.2 on this link.) To vintage hardcore fans may I remind there was a 1880 Bouquet Mademoiselle fragrance by Guerlain, composed of floral essences.

Let it be mentioned in passing for those who missed it that Guerlain has recently, to celebrate the centenary anniversary at 68 Champs Elysees and the renovation of the flagship, recreated several of the archived perfumes using the original formulae, affectionately called the recreated heritage Guerlain perfumes (more on which on the link). These however are NOT for sale, only for exhibition purposes for inquisitive Guerlain perfumephiles.

Mademoiselle Guerlain will be available starting June 2014 at Guerlain espaces and boutiques.

Guerlain is also augmenting their fabric scent options with Guerlain Eau de Cashmere, a unisex fabric scent that won't hurt delicate woolens and cashmere, and which reinforces the warm, soft ambience of those fabrics with its mandarin top notes and cedarwood and powdery drydown. This newer entry comes as an addition to Eau de Lit (a bed linen scent) and Eau de Lingerie (a scented water for underthings) in the Guerlain fabric scent collection.

[thanks to Mr.Guerlain Facebook page]


  1. I ordered a decant of Eau de Cashmere, I wonder if I will like it.

  2. Miss Heliotrope08:40

    So, you wear one on your person, another on your undies, another on your new cashmere top, and sleep in sheets scented differently again.

    I hope they all blend well...

  3. I'm all for new scents, but I really hope that they haven't discontinued L'Heure Bleue!

  4. Somehow, the name Eau de Cashmere made me think it was cashmeran. Perhaps it is. A flanker to the black thing moved to the bee bottles needs no comment.

    Eau de Lingerie must be my favorite perfume name ever. Unfortunately, it's deceptive advertising. I have not smelled the bed linen freshener, but I imagine they'd be similarly pale and cleanish.

    HB has not been discontinued officially, but in practice, the current HB smells different from the old one. L'Heure de Nuit, to my nose, was much better than the description would have suggested (the description talked about sweet and fruity). But it's different, and no match to the vintage hb.


  5. L,

    someone is already splitting this one? Wow.
    I suppose it should be a likable smell: mandarin +cedar +powder =easy and appealing. ;-)
    Report back!

  6. MH,

    excellent observation!
    Hahaha, but I suppose they intend to sell those to various customers who don't necessarily buy all of them (why not use EdCash -hehehe- on your linen or your underthings? for instance….)

  7. Laurie,

    no, they have not. The newer formula does bear differences to the older one, but it's not a discontinued product. The L'Heure de Nuit fragrance is a modern version that exists side by side with the classic.

  8. M,

    I think the whole "cashmere", "cashmeran" etc references are there to denote an air of luxury (I mean the synth was named thus to give an impression of softness and luxurious plushness). Eau de Cashmere gives the added impression that it won't harm the delicate yarns of the woolen things, as cashmere is so expensive to begin with and demands soft detergents.

    The Parisienne version (to a significant markup in $) is a symptom of the collective value of past Guerlain editions. I think they issue some things from time to time to see whether they stick and if they don't they re-issue them at big markup and count on the collectibility value. [Maybe I'm being harsh!]

    I was pleasantly surprised by L'Heure de Nuit, to be honest. One commented burned my mind by calling it "the Toilet Duck shade" but thankfully the smells surpassed my expectation of a TD fluid! LOL!!

    BTW, I want to thank you for the little thing in the mail. So kind of you. More soon!


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