Monday, September 2, 2013

Le Labo Lys 41: fragrance review

The newly launched Le Labo Lys 41 is heavily influenced by the mid-20th-century salicylate-rich school of florals, which in the past gave us classics such as L'Air du Temps, Fidji and the vintage, original Chloe, but transmitted through a Mac Book Pro screen; such is its modern sensibility. Let that not detract you from its ritzy glamor all the same.


The treatment here is resplendent of the solar and creamy scented aspects to the lily (rather than eugenol-rich spicy, which would be an alternative direction in showcasing this flower) with a segment of tuberose floralcy. It approximates the lushness of frangipani blossoms (a kissing cousin to the closely intertwined, narcotic jasmine sambac) with a soft sweetness which surfaces from the bottom up thanks to fluffy vanilla and musk. If you love that sort of thing, you will love that sort of thing, and I'm warning you it can become a tad overwhelming sometimes, but it's quite addictive nevertheless.

Similar in feeling, but denser, to Lys Soleia (Guerlain Aqua Allegoria line) and Vanille Galante (Hermes Hermessences), Lys 41 by Le Labo is sure to capture the heart of those who love beach-evoking thrills, all out lushness and the playful, smooth feeling of whipped cream spread onto skin. Composed by Daphné Bugey, one of Le Labo’s iconic noses and the perfumer behind Rose 31, Bergamote 22 and Neroli 36, the new Lys 41 is insistent in its fragrant wake, meant to reward those who are looking to make a statement with their fragrance.

Sorta like Elizabeth Taylor's diamonds-accessorized turbans; regal looking and hard to miss.

Notes for Le Labo Lys 41:
Jasmine, tuberose absolute, lily, warm woody notes, vanilla madagascar and musks.

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Disclosure: I was sent a sample directly by the company.


  1. Mmm, maybe? Sounds a bit rich for my tastes. Love the picture, Liz was incomparable at that time, turbans and all. It looks like they're holding boxes of perfume.

  2. Rosarita,

    it is rich and it feels like a creamy lily with an Ambre Solaire accord (that ylang ylang tropical feel - not the coconut Coppertone equivalent).

    They ARE holding boxes of perfume which is why I chose this particular photo over others in turban (and yes, she was such a beauty in the 50s and 60s, striking looking!): good eye. Now, bonus points to anyone who identifies which perfumes. ;-)

  3. Anonymous10:50

    Well, it looks a little like Liz is holding Madame Rochas (did Ecusson have a similar box - I can't remember!).

    Can't see what Richard has got, but really want to know ....


  4. Jillie,

    right on the money. It is Madame Rochas.
    (yes Ecusson had a similar bottle)

    I believe Burton is holding an Asprey box. It was pretty popular then, but I am not sure it's fragrance as I don't think they made fragrance back then. (It could be of course a special commission of a bottle for something they already could provide to fill up).

  5. Anonymous13:38

    Yay, Elena! Thank you. Interesting that you say that Burton is holding an Asprey box as I had been wondering if he was holding a jewellery box (maybe cufflinks?). It looks like Liz has got something similar as well, so maybe a matching necklace or brooch? I wonder if Liz was a fan of Madame Rochas - I can't help feeling that it was poles apart from one of her favourites, Bal a Versailles.

  6. Jillie,

    you're welcome.

    Knowing the Liz and Burton love for luscious hard-pressed for million of years carbon particles, a visit to Aspreys for both isn't far fetched.
    Madame Rochas is indeed very different from Bal a Versailles, but then Liz did like Femme (also Rochas) and we must take into account the frivolity of the rich & famous: maybe it was a one-time bottle, or a gift by Richard, or something. At the time of the photo shoot there was very special story to Madame Rochas.

  7. Anonymous17:25

    Now you've got me intrigued again. What was that special story?

  8. Jillie,

    oh, nothing not known: that it was the first perfume that Helene Rochas created for herself and with an eagle eye over the proceedings and with her reputation of being the pinnacle of elegance herself. Therefore MR was supposed to be a super perfume (of course it was, it was made by master perfumer Guy Robert! Though that bit wasn't circulated at the time)


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