Friday, June 21, 2013

Jean Louis Scherrer: 1935-2013

The French designer is no longer with us. Dead at the age of 78 after a long illness, this dancer turned fashion designer, will remain etched in our memories as an elegant couturier (who started at Dior, worked for Yves Saint Laurent and then Louis Féraud before opening his own house in rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré in 1962) and the head of a perfume line of infinite grace and luxury: Jean Louis Scherrer pour femme, Scherrer II, Nuits Indiennes...

Stéphan Roulland said of him: "What Yves Saint Laurent stood for in Rive Gauche, Jean Louis Scherrer stood for in Rive Droite".

“It’s a beautiful brand and a prestigious house, with a fairly dramatic and very, very tumultuous history,” noted Didier Grumbach [president of the Chambre Syndicale, French fashion’s governing body] who detailed the house’s numerous changes of ownership in his 2008 book, “Histoires de la Mode.” “Despite that, he maintained a great reputation through his couture designs, which were pleasant, slightly bourgeois and less radical than those of Saint Laurent, with whom he worked at Dior,” Grumbach said. “The quality of the workshops was very well-known.”

Repose en paix.


  1. Prince Barry11:32

    A sad loss and somebody who deserved more recognition.

  2. I learned of these perfumes through Makeupalley and love Scherrer II in particular. Thanks for this memorium.

  3. i've been very fond of the original scherrer perfume, especially the older form...a beautiful modern chypre. i respect him for that alone, and it makes me want to try the other scherrer perfumes. they don't seem to make heads of perfume houses like they used to in his time.

  4. Little Red03:37

    Handsome man.

  5. palmward03:52

    SAD - RIP

  6. Anonymous07:07

    His original scent was my "power" scent in the late 80s.
    Such a vibrant, beautiful chypre! I even loved the simplicity of the bottle.
    Thank you for this post, and for more info on this talented man.
    RIP, JLS.

  7. JLS no 2 is my absolute favourite fragrance ever. I have been wearing it since it was launched in the 1980's and get regular positive comments whenever I have it on. It's so difficult to get now, I'm always worried that it will become unavailable. I live in the UK any buy it on line from the US. Such a great legacy

  8. B,

    yeah, it's so sad when people are getting homages after death. They should have been recognized properly while alive!

  9. R,

    you're welcome. His perfumes are class acts!

  10. NFS,

    I adore it too! (and my SO loves it, so I'm a happy camper)

    The rest are very fine too, do try them.

    Ah, there was more class back then. The celebrit-ation of our culture has ruined some things...

  11. LR,

    yup, classic good looks (and one of his daughters became a fashion model too, good genes)

  12. Palward,

    thank you, much appreciated.

  13. JLS,

    it is a wonderful, truly spectacular scent and I adore it myself. Funny, I find the simple architectural bottle to reflect very well the idea of classiness the scent evokes, so glad we agree. So green, so dense and deep, so classy!

    And thanks for commenting!

  14. O&C,

    you have absolutely great taste!
    What an irony that a French designer is not to be found in the UK and needs to be imported via the US.

    I do hope you continue to find a steady supply of your beloved fragrance.

    Thanks for commenting here and enjoy your treasure!


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