Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dos Gardenias

Two gardenias for you;
With them I wish to say:
I love you, I adore you, my life.
Place all your attention on them,
because they are your heart
and mine.

Two gardenias for you
that will have all the warmth
of a kiss.
Of those kisses that I gave you
and that you shall never find
in the warmth of another love.

Beside you they will live
and they will talk to you
as when you are with me.
And you will even believe
that they say to you: I love you.

But if on one sundown
the gardenias of my love
shall (happen to) die
it's because they have guessed right
that your love is over
because there is someone else.

[translation via]

Antonio Lugo Machin romantically sings "two gardenias for you" and I'm swooning in my gardenia fragrance of the day which is Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia by E.Lauder. To find out about more fragrances with dominant gardenia, please consult the link. And happy weekend to all!


  1. Anonymous16:25

    What a lovely song. Thanks for including the translated lyrics.

    You smell divine!



  2. D,

    thank you honey!

    (I haven't passed by the post office to pick the package, will do this week!)

    Isn't it a wonderful song? Truly romantic and very smooth. Perfect for dancing to, too.

  3. So timely - this reminds me to ask my mom whether her gardenias have bloomed in Italy. Their smell-so difficult to find in perfumes- is intoxicating.

    You almost make me want to put on my Jardenia. But it'll be too hot tomorrow (and even more so for Une voix noire). If I had had the Arquiste boutonniere, it would have done perhaps for one hour (but then the gardenia-less drydown is banal).


  4. M,

    indeed they're not easy to find in perfumes!

    You know, the truest I have found are the YR and the Lauder; they're vibrant. The TF one captures well the decaying part, but they discontinued it.
    It's always a bit of a let down when something is great at the beginning and then it becomes something else, as if it hasn't got the guts to stick to its guns.


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